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Where to Find the Orange Fish in Mr. Mine?

Where to Find the Orange Fish in Mr. Mine?

Mr. Mine, developed by Playsaurus, has gained immense popularity among fans of idle mining and clicker games.

One particularly elusive element in Mr. Mine is the Orange Fish, which holds the key to unlocking unique quests and exciting rewards.

In this article, we will delve into the mystery surrounding it and provide valuable insights to encourage players to embark on their own journey of discovery!

The Mystery of the Orange Fish

The Orange Fish has become a subject of great curiosity and intrigue among players, as evidenced by the frequent question, “Where is the Orange Fish in Mr. Mine?”.

Its rarity and the anticipation of encountering it add an element of excitement to the game, compelling players to explore different areas in search of this elusive creature.

Discovering the Orange Fish

In Mr Mine, clickables are objects that appear on mineshafts and can be clicked for various rewards. Among these clickables, the Orange Fish stands out as a rare and special encounter.

This elusive creature offers players a chance to obtain valuable rewards, including money, tickets, minerals, and building materials.

Mr. Mine Orange Fish locations

However, the Orange Fish spawns very infrequently, typically taking between 24 to 48 hours to reappear. This enigmatic creature can only be found in areas below Km 51 in the game.

To catch a glimpse of it in the scroll gauge, players must acquire a Metal Detector at level 5. With a Metal Detector of at least level 4, they can reach the area where the fish resides by pressing the Spacebar key.

Unlike some clickables, the Orange Fish does not despawn when players log off. Upon returning to the game after a break, it will reappear after a certain period of time.

Tips for Increasing Encounter Chances

To enhance the chances of encountering the Mr. Mine Orange Fish, players can use several strategies:

  1. Upgrade the Metal Detector: Continuously upgrading the Metal Detector to level 5 increases the detection ability and improves the odds of spotting.
  2. Explore Lower Areas: Concentrate your exploration efforts in mineshaft regions below Km 51, as the fish can only be found in these depths.
  3. Maintain Persistence: Given the rare appearance, maintaining persistence and regularly checking for its presence will eventually lead to a rewarding encounter.

Now, let’s see how to calculate the Orange Fish’s spawn time!

Calculating the Orange Fish’s Spawn Time

In previous versions of the game, players could calculate the spawn time of the Orange Fish by reloading the game and examining the Debug Log.

By noting two specific numbers and calculating the difference between them, players could determine the exact time it takes for the fish to spawn.

However, it is important to highlight that this spawn time may vary for each player.

For the example below, the seconds for the Orange Fish to spawn can be calculated as 166327 – 109808 = 56519 seconds. That’s roughly 942 minutes or 16 hours.

Mr. Mine game console

In the latest version of Mr. Mine (v.0.413), the Debug Log has been updated with additional information. This makes it more challenging to locate the message.

Nevertheless, players can still access this information by checking the Console Log of their web browser. This is only available while playing the web version of the game.

In Firefox and Chrome, simply press F12 to access the Console Log.

If you’re playing the mobile or Steam version, try to export your save and import it to the web version. Then use the technique above to find out when the Orange Fish will spawn.

The Joy of Uncovering a Unique Quest

The Orange Fish Mr. Mine plays a pivotal role in unlocking a special quest (achievement) and rewards in Mr. Mine.

In specific, the 75th quest in the game requests you to find the Orange Fish. The reward for completing the quest is 3 Tickets.

Mr. Mine Orange Fish quest

However, it’s worth noting that the Orange Fish also gives rewards when clicked.

The Thrill of Personal Exploration

While the Orange Fish is an enticing mystery waiting to be unraveled, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of personal exploration and adventure within the game.

Embarking on your own journey allows you to experience the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures and developing essential problem-solving skills.

Engaging with the Mr. Mine community can provide a valuable platform for sharing experiences, game strategy, and gathering tips.

By exchanging insights and strategies, players can enrich their Mr. Mine gameplay while preserving the adventure and excitement.

Play now to have more fun and make your mining adventure even better!


The Orange Fish is special in Mr. Mine players in particular and Playsaurus players in general. It adds an element of intrigue and excitement to the game.

Uncover hidden quests, obtain unique rewards, game mechanics, and revel in the excitement that awaits you below the mineshaft’s surface!

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