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All About Mr. Mine Treasure Chests: Finding, Collecting, and Compressing

All About Mr. Mine Treasure Chests: Finding, Collecting, and Compressing

Mr. Mine, an engaging idle mining game developed by Playsaurus, has captured the attention of gamers worldwide.

One key element that makes the gameplay experience exciting is the treasure chests.

In this guide, we will dive into the world of Mr. Mine’s treasure chests, covering everything from their acquisition and collection to the intricacies of compressing them!

Overview of Mr. Mine’s Treasure Chests

Treasure chests play a vital role in Mr. Mine, providing valuable rewards and facilitating progression.

As you delve deeper into the mineshaft, the rarity and rewards associated with different types of treasure chests increase. So, understanding the significance of these chests is crucial to your success in the game.

Mr. Mine’s Chest Types

Treasure chests in Mr. Mine come in various types, each offering unique rewards and challenges.

Buying Mr. Mine treasure chests with tickets

Let’s explore the different chest types available in the game and discover their characteristics.

1. Basic Chests

Basic Chests serve as the foundation of your treasure collection in Mr. Mine. These chests are commonly found throughout the game and provide a range of rewards to help you progress.

Here are the rewards you can get from Basic Chests:

  • Scientists
  • 1 Building Material
  • Buff
  • Money
  • Timelapse
  • Minerals
  • Oil
  • Weapon

You can obtain Basic Chests through various means, such as:

  • Completing quests (hard limit of 11 Basic Chests)
  • Finding in caves
  • Buying with 1 ticket
  • Acquiring from scientist’s excavation
  • Trading in a trading post
  • Acquiring from miners

2. Gold Chests

Gold Chests are the second rarest type of chest and offer better rewards than Basic Chests. They have a base 1/158 chance of spawning and can be obtained through various means.

Here are the rewards you can get from Gold Chests:

  • Money
  • Drill Blueprints
  • Minerals
  • Building Materials
  • Weapons
  • Tickets
  • Scientists
  • Timelapses

You can obtain Gold Chests through the following:

  • Completing quests (hard limit of 13 Gold Chests)
  • Finding in caves
  • Buying with 10 tickets
  • Acquiring from scientist’s excavation
  • Trading in a trading post
  • Acquiring from miners
  • Compressing in the Chest Compressor

3. Ethereal Chests

Ethereal Chests, also known as Black Chests, are the rarest type of chest in the game. They have a base 1/790 chance of spawning and contain special rewards related to Super Miners.

Here are the rewards you can get from Ethereal Chests:

  • Super Miner Souls (40% chance, random amount between 35 and 50)
  • Common Super Miner (35% chance)
  • Uncommon Super Miner (16.5% chance)
  • Rare Super Miner (7.5% chance)
  • Legendary Super Miner (1% chance)

You can obtain Ethereal Chests from the following:

  • Buying with 30 tickets
  • Acquiring from miners
  • Compressing in the Chest Compressor

Finding Treasure Chests in Mr. Mine

As miners delve deeper into Mr. Mine, the chances of finding treasure chests increase. Even when the mine is at full capacity, chests can still spawn.

Miners found an Ethereal chest from the mineshaft

Chest Cap

There is a maximum cap on the number of waiting chests, set at 1/10 of your mine’s depth. However, Super Miners can surpass this limit, allowing for up to double the regular cap.

Spawn Timing

Chests are generated every 30 seconds (known as a “tick”) for each mineshaft. The chance of spawning chests increases with depth.

If a floor already has a chest, its time to live (TTL) is reduced. The base TTL ranges from 40 to 90 minutes.

Reward Generation Method

The rewards from chests in Mr. Mine are not determined by a simple loot table. Instead, a combination of factors influences the rewards.

Gold Chests consider depth, weapons, scientists, building materials (BM) availability, oil pump status, and Metal Detector level.

Basic Chests consider active buffs, BM, scientists, depth, playtime, weapons, and oil pump status. Oil pump level determines oil rewards, and depth affects money and mineral rewards.

Unlocking the Chest Collector in Mr. Mine

The Chest Collector in Mr. Mine is a milestone you can unlock between the 9th and 10th miner at 100 km. It appears as a pile of boxes that you simply click on to acquire.

The chest collector and its tooltips in Mr. Mine

This feature allows you to automatically collect and store a percentage of the chests that spawn in your mineshaft without them disappearing until you collect them.

The table below shows the level of the Chest Collector, its corresponding capacity, and the collection chance.

LevelChest Collect ChanceCapacity

You can upgrade the storage and chance of the Chest Collector at the Craft Center.

Unlocking the Chest Compressor in Mr. Mine

The Chest Compressor becomes available to players after defeating the boss located at 700km in Mr Mine.

The chest compressor interface

This milestone marks a significant achievement in your gameplay journey, unlocking a powerful tool that will revolutionize your treasure chest management.

Compressing Chests: Basic, Gold, and Ethereal Chests

By compressing Basic Chests into Gold Chests and Gold Chests into Ethereal Chests, you unlock the potential for even greater rewards.

The table below shows the level of the Chest Compressor and the compression rate. At level 1, you can compress 18 Basic Chests to 1 Gold Chest and 6 Gold Chests to 1 Ethereal Chest.

LevelBasic to Gold Chest RatioGold to Ethereal Chest Ratio

Ethereal Chests, in particular, present a unique opportunity to obtain Super Miners and Super Miner Souls, which can greatly enhance your mining capabilities. So, try to prioritize them!

Time Requirement and Ticket System for Chest Compression

The compression process requires a certain amount of time to complete. Below is the table for reference.

LevelBasic to Gold Chest Time (Hours)Gold to Ethereal Chest Time (Hours)

By using tickets, you can skip the time requirement and immediately obtain your compressed chests.

The number of tickets required for skipping the compression time is determined by the remaining time left for the compression process.

Slot Upgrades: Enhancing the Compression Process

Players can invest in upgrades for the Chest Compressor Slots to optimize the compression process. When first unlocked, the Chest Compressor only offers 1 slot.

With each level, players get one more compression slot. At max level (level 10), players can compress up to 10 chests simultaneously.

Carefully allocating resources to these upgrades can significantly expedite your chest compressions, leading to faster progress in the game.

Strategy Tips for Maximizing the Chest Compressor

To maximize your use of the Chest Compressor and reap the greatest rewards, consider the following strategies:

1. Prioritize Higher-tier Chests

By focusing on compressing Gold Chests and Ethereal Chests, you can unlock more valuable rewards and increase your chances of obtaining Super Miners and Super Miner Souls.

Opening an Ethereal chest

While Basic Chests are essential for building up your collection, directing your efforts toward higher-tier chests will yield greater long-term benefits.

2. Strategic Use of Timelapses and Tickets

Timelapses allow you to skip the waiting time for compression, enabling faster progress. On the other hand, tickets can be used to complete the compression process instantly.

Reserve these resources for situations where you need to speed up the compression to take advantage of time-limited events or to capitalize on specific game mechanics.

3. Balance Upgrades and Gameplay

While upgrading the Me Mine Chest Compressor is important for optimizing compression efficiency, it’s crucial to maintain a balance between upgrading and other aspects of gameplay.

Allocate resources wisely, considering the overall progression of your mining operations. Don’t neglect other crucial upgrades or investments that contribute to your mining power and overall game strategy.

Moreover, consider joining the Mr. Mine community to boost your mining experience to a whole new level!


Understanding the mechanics behind Mr. Mine’s treasure chests is paramount for an optimized gaming experience.

By following the strategies and tips provided in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to find, collect, and compress treasure chests, unlock valuable rewards, and progress in this game about mining.

Embark on your mining adventure, explore the depths of the mineshaft, and unleash the untold riches that await in this incremental clicker game!

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