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Where Can You Find Building Materials in Mr. Mine Idle?

Where Can You Find Building Materials in Mr. Mine Idle?

In this guide, we will delve into the addictive world of Mr. Mine, an idle mining incremental game developed by Playsaurus that has captivated players with its engaging gameplay and strategic game mechanics.

One of the essential elements in Mr. Mine is Building Materials (BM), which play a crucial role in upgrading structures and unlocking exciting features.

Let’s explore the significance of Building Materials and discover the best ways to acquire them!

What Are Building Materials in Mr. Mine?

Building Materials are valuable items that enable players to enhance their gameplay experience in Mr. Mine, allowing them to progress further.

Cost from Building Materials in Mr. Mine

With Building Materials, you can improve the following key elements:

1. Top Level Structures

For each structure, the number behind the name is the Building Materials cost to fully upgrade it.

  • Trading Post (1080): Enhances trading options and value up to 200%.
  • Metal Detector (8625): Blink when treasure chests spawn and show their location on the map gauge, display chest expired timer, enable hotkey to collect chests faster, and naturally send chest to the Chest Collector.
  • Manager (112): Allow offline progression and lock certain minerals on sell action.
  • Chest Collector (7662): Expands storage capacity and improves treasure chest collection rates.
  • Chest Compressor (28750): Enhances conversion rates, duration, and queue capacity.

2. Underground City

These upgrades are available after you reach the Underground City (301km).

  • Oil Rig (3092): Increase max oil capacity.
  • Gem Forge (2860): Enhances gem crafting slots.

3. Deep Moon

These upgrades are available after you reach deep enough on the Moon (1133km).

  • Buff Lab: Unleashes powerful buffs to aid in mining expeditions.
  • Reactor: Main source of energy and isotopes.

4. Caves

Cave upgrades have the same BMs cost.

  • Max Drone Fuel (4205): Extends drone operation time for enhanced exploration.
  • Fuel Regen (4205): Increases the rate at which drone fuel regenerates.

By understanding the significance of BMs and harnessing the power of various sources, players can overcome obstacles, unlock new possibilities, and propel their mining operations to unprecedented heights.

How to Get Building Materials in Mr. Mine

1. Treasure Chests

Regular chests and gold chests present players with opportunities to obtain Building Materials.

Getting Building Materials from Chests

Regular chests yield one, while gold chests grant a substantial haul of 20 to 50 Building Materials.

2. Scientists

Scientists in Mr. Mine also contribute to the acquisition of BMs in Mr. Mine.

Building Materials from excavations

Depending on your progress, scientists can provide 10 Building Materials before reaching 600 kilometers and 2 thereafter.

3. Caves

As players venture deeper into the mineshaft (after 45km), caves randomly appear, presenting multiple treasure spots filled with Building Materials.

Each cave in Mr. Mine has multiple treasure spots, which may randomly contain 10 BMs. And multiple caves can spawn simultaneously. So, caves stand as the primary and most efficient source of BMs.

Building Materials from caves

Besides, use your drones wisely to explore caves and gather BMs efficiently. Monitor their fuel and health, ensuring optimal performance.

Furthermore, exploring caves brings additional rewards such as buffs, monetary gains, and even chests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Building Materials hold significant importance in the game progression of MrMine. And it is no surprise that many players frequently ask questions about how to obtain these valuable resources.

Let’s address some common questions!

How Can I Make Building Materials?

You can’t actually make BMs in Mr. Mine. You have to obtain it through chests, caves, and scientists.

How Do I Get a Lot of Build Materials?

There are no strategy or game guides for this. Instead, you can find BMs in chests, caves, and from scientists. Moreover, the Book of Ingenuity relics can help a lot since it can increase the chance of finding BMs in basic chests by 6/12/16%.

Is the Manager a Good Way to Spend My Only Building Materials?

It isn’t wise to upgrade the Manager but once. Instead, you should focus on other important structures, such as the Oil Rigs.

Without Relics, What is the Best Way to Get a Lot of Building Materials?

In clicker and incremental games, the best way to get more resources (BMs, in this case) without relics is just to play more. Like basically everything else, they just accumulate over time.


Building Materials are integral to the progression and enjoyment of Mr. Mine. Acquiring them through chests, scientists, and cave exploration will pave the way for a rewarding gaming experience.

That said, you can always check out Mr. Mine game community and other socials, such as TikTok, to learn more about the game.

Embrace the challenge, strategize your actions, and unlock the vast potential hidden within the depths of Mr. Mine – a game about mining!

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