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Mr. Mine Idle: Nuclear Reactor and Buff Lab

Mr. Mine Idle Nuclear Reactor and Buff Lab

Mr. Mine is an idle game about mining developed by Playsaurus with unique gameplay elements. In this idle clicker game, you manage a bunch of miners to mine various minerals and upgrade the drill.

However, there are more features that you can spend hours and hours exploring in order to progress further into the game. Two of them are the Nuclear Reactor and the Buff Lab.

In this article, we’ll guide you on everything you need to know about these two structures.

Origin and Milestone Location

Like many other features in the game, the Nuclear Reactor and Buff Lab can be unlocked once you’ve reached a certain depth in the mineshaft.

1. Nuclear Reactor Location

The Nuclear Reactor is located at 1133-1134km (or World 2: 101km-102km).

It’s an alien-like building with a machinery appearance and energy rods all over the place. The main purpose of the Nuclear Reactor is to generate energy and late-game isotopes.

2. Buff Lab Location

Located at 1135km (or World 2: 103km), Mr. Mine’s Buff Lab is a small alien-like building connected to the above Reactor.

Mr. Mine's Buff Lab

This place uses energy to generate different buffs, significantly boosting the game progression speed.

Essential Resources To Prepare Before Reaching The Nuclear Reactor

You might have heard about the advice of “do not sell isotopes” in Mr. Mine Idle. And, if you haven’t been following it until now, you’ll be in a big regret.

The first and most important resources to start doing the Nuclear Reactor are isotopes, as they’re the main ingredient for pretty much any activities in this feature.

The second resource is Oil, unlocked after discovering the Underground City. You may want to upgrade your Oil Pump to at least level 12 or above to have plenty of Oil to work with.

Besides isotopes, you must save a few million Magnesium to craft batteries.

Components of the Reactor

You may get confused by the time you first open the Nuclear Reactor; however, this place is a minigame where you need to put several components in the grids to generate energy and isotopes. That’s it!

There are six types of components in the Reactor:

  • Fuel Rods: generate energy, heat, and isotopes.
  • Fans: reduce heat.
  • Batteries: store energy.
  • Heat Ducts: like wire, connect the components together.
  • Bombardments: use energy to generate heat and late-game isotopes.
  • Buffs: boost the efficiency of other components.

As long as there is heat in the Reactor, it won’t work. So, it’s best to combine all components to create a system to generate energy and isotopes with zero heat (or negative heat).

Components of the Reactor

Now, let’s get into the details for each type of component!

1. Fuel Rods

There are 13 different Fuel Rods in Mr. Mine Idle.

Generally, they generate energy and heat per second and work for a certain amount of in-game time. You need isotopes to craft them, and after being burnt, they will give you isotopes back.

NameIngredientsEnergy/sHeat/sDurationDecay Rewards
Highly Enriched Uranium8k Uranium 1
3k Uranium 2
500 Uranium 3
10241h4.5k Uranium 2
750 Uranium 3
2.5k Plutonium 1
500 Plutonium 2
Dual Highly Enriched Uranium16k Uranium 1
6k Uranium 2
1k Uranium 3
30661h9.3k Uranium 2
1.55k Uranium 3
5.05k Plutonium 1
1.01k Plutonium 2
Quad Highly Enriched Uranium32k Uranium 1
12k Uranium 2
2k Uranium 3
901801h19.2k Uranium 2
3.2k Uranium 3
10.2k Plutonium 1
2.04k Plutonium 2
Enriched Uranium72k Uranium 1
11.5k Uranium 2
10184h23k Uranium 2
17.25k Plutonium 1
Dual Enriched Uranium144k Uranium 1
23k Uranium 2
30484h46.5k Uranium 2
34.9k Plutonium 1
Quad Enriched Uranium288k Uranium 1
46k Uranium 2
901264h94k Uranium 2
70.5k Plutonium 1
Mixed Oxide28.8k Uranium 2
2.88k Uranium 3
32.7k Plutonium 1
3.27k Plutonium 2
82110h2k Uranium 3
1.5k Plutonium 3
Dual Mixed Oxide57.6k Uranium 2
5.76k Uranium 3
65.4k Plutonium 1
6.54k Plutonium 2
245410h4.04k Uranium 3
3.03k Plutonium 3
Quad Mixed Oxide115.2k Uranium 2
11.52k Uranium 3
130.8k Plutonium 1
13.08k Plutonium 2
7214410h8.21k Uranium 3
6.16k Plutonium 3
Pu/Po4k Plutonium 3
72.5k Polonium 1
7.25k Polonium 2
163616h2k Polonium 3
Dual Pu/Po8k Plutonium 3
145k Polonium 1
14.5k Polonium 2
489616h4.04k Polonium 3
Quad Pu/Po16k Plutonium 3
290k Polonium 1
29k Polonium 2
14426416h8.16k Polonium 3
Polonium RTG2.5k Polonium 361548hNone

By looking at the table, you can see the Fuel Rods are divided into 5 main categories:

  • HE (Highly Enriched)
  • E (Enriched)
  • MO (Mixed Oxide)
  • PP (Pu/Po)
  • RTG (Polonium RTG)

Besides Polonium RTG, the other four have two upgraded versions: Dual and Quad.

They cost more materials and generate more heat; however, they generate more energy and produce more isotopes when completely burnt. So, the upgraded version is extremely helpful if you have limited space in your Reactor’s grids.

Example of Reactor in Mr. Mine

Basically, you need to craft the Fuel Rods and burn them by placing them in the Nuclear Reactor’s grids.

Using the HE Fuel Rods is advisable as they give more energy and isotopes in return. Other Fuel Rods are best for their decay rewards, as well as the burning duration.

2. Bombardments and Isotope Conversion

There are 6 Bombardments in Mr. Mine Idle. They consume energy, generate heat, and give late-game isotopes: Einsteinium and Fermium.

NameIngredientsEnergy/sHeat/sDurationDecay Rewards
Californium Bombardment 115k Energy
1M Californium
1k Helium 1
-10248h10 Einsteinium 1
Californium Bombardment 2150k Energy
1M Californium
1k Helium 2
-30728h10 Einsteinium 2
Californium Bombardment 31.5M Energy
1M Californium
1k Helium 3
-902168h10 Einsteinium 3
Einsteinium Bombardment 11M Energy
1M Nitrogen 1
10 Einsteinium 1
-203016h1 Fermium 1
Einsteinium Bombardment 23M Energy
1M Nitrogen 2
10 Einsteinium 2
-609016h1 Fermium 2
Einsteinium Bombardment 39M Energy
1M Nitrogen 3
10 Einsteinium 3
-18027016h1 Fermium 3

If the main purpose of Fuel Rods is to generate energy, then Bombardments are mainly used for creating new isotopes: Einsteinium and Fermium.

That said, you can treat Fuel Rods or Bombardments as the main source to convert isotopes.

3. Fans and Heat Ducts

As mentioned earlier, the Nuclear Reactor only works if you manage to eliminate all the heat in the system. And that’s where the Fans come to play!

Each fan reduces the heat in the system by 12 and costs 2.5M Aluminum and 1k Oil to make.

However, the fans only work if you place them adjacent to other heat sources. That said, if you use nothing but Fuel Rods/Bombardments and Fans, you can only place a maximum of 4 Fans to cool off 48 heat from 1 heat source.

So, what if a heat source generates more than 48 heat? In fact, most of them are.

To solve this problem, you need to use the Heat Ducts, crafted with 2k energy and 15M Iron. They play a vital role in the Reactor by connecting several components together. In this case, they connect Fans to heat sources.

4. Batteries

You must place Batteries in your grid system to store the generated energy from Fuel Rods. There are 3 types of Batteries in Mr. Mine Idle:

NameIngredientsEnergy Stored
Small Battery2M Magnesium5,000
Large Battery2 Small Battery
10M Magnesium
25k Energy
Extra Large Battery2 Large Battery
50M Magnesium
400k Energy

This component is usually placed after all of the above are placed since you can put Batteries anywhere in the system.

5. Buffs

There are 4 buffs in the Nuclear Reactor in Mr. Mine:

Copper Buff50M Copper
200k Energy
55% boost to above and below components
Platinum Buff50M Platinum
500k Energy
55% boost to left and below components
Silver Buff50M Silver
500k Energy
55% boost to right and above components
Gold Buff50M Gold
1.5M Energy
30% boost to 4 diagonal components

Buffs help boost the efficiency of other components in the corresponding directions. Remember that a buff cannot boost another buff.

Mr. Mine Reactors and Buff Lab Level Progression

When you first unlocked the Nuclear Reactor, you only had a 3×3 grid system and a few components to work with. As you start to generate energy and earn more isotopes, you can upgrade the Reactor to unlock more grids and components.

LevelRequirementsTotal GridsUnlock Rewards/Components
1N/A3×3Fans, Heat Ducts, Small Batteries, 5 basic Fuel Rods, and Californium Bombardment 1
220k Energy
10 Einsteinium 1
4N/A7×7 – 4N/A

Remember to prioritize upgrading the Reactor first; the higher the level, the more grids you have to work with. And the more grids you have, the more energy and isotopes you can generate.

Moreover, you can also upgrade the Buff Lab to reduce the energy required for creating Buffs. Each upgraded level reduces the energy cost by 5-10%, at a maximum of 30% reduction at level 5.

Best Reactor Setups

Although you can try out different layouts and setups for the Reactor levels, it’s only working out at levels 4 and 5 since you have many grids to organize stuff. That said, most people rush levels 1 to 3.

The following layouts and setups are made by 8thpurplewizard and ballman.

Reactor Level 1

LayoutDescriptionMax EnergyEnergy/Sec
To get Einsteinium for Reactor 215k0
To get Energy for Reactor 220k10
Mix of #1 and #210k6
Upgraded version of #220k16

Reactor Level 2

LayoutDescriptionMax EnergyEnergy/Sec
To get Einsteinium and Energy100k20
To get Einsteinium150k0
To get Energy for Reactor 3200k30

Reactor Level 3

LayoutDescriptionMax EnergyEnergy/Sec
To get Einsteinium1.937,5M0
To get Energy for Reactor 41.937,5M60

Reactor Level 4

LayoutDescriptionMax EnergyEnergy/Sec
Use red rods to get Energy3.9M90
Use red rods to get Energy1.55M180
Use blue rods to get Energy4.15M144
Use gray rods to get Energy4.512M144
Use gray rods to get Energy2.825M144
To get 10M quest10.1M12
To get Einsteinium and Energy2.462,5M30
To get Einsteinium and Energy1.937,5M30
To get Einsteinium00
To get Einsteinium662.5k0
To get Einsteinium3.9M-90

Reactor Level 5

LayoutDescriptionMax EnergyEnergy/Sec
Use red rods to get Energy6.562,5M270
Use red rods to get Energy7.25M270
Use red rods to get Energy11.45M180
To get 300 energy/sec quest4.437,5M300
To get 300 energy/sec quest5.65M360
Use green rods to get Energy4.65M450
Use blue rods to get Energy14.225M144
Use blue rods to get Energy10.375M216
Use blue rods to get Energy6.5M288
Use gray rods to get Energy14.725M144
Use gray rods to get Energy7.137,5M288
Use RTG rods to get Energy14M78
Use RTG rods to get Energy11.05M108
To get Einsteinium1.937,5M0
To get Einsteinium and Energy2.1M60
To get Einsteinium3.375M4
To get Einsteinium and Energy3.75M24
To get Einsteinium and Energy8.237,5M54
To get Fermium and Energy4.9M60
To get Fermium3.662,5M0
To get Fermium and Energy7.475M24
To get Fermium7M-36
To get Fermium7M-36
To get Fermium3.637,5M0

In addition, you can use this online tool, known as Mr. Mine Reactor Planner, made by Adversarius#2964, to set up the Reactor first to calculate the performance. This is extremely useful for those who haven’t yet unlocked the Reactor or those who can’t afford to craft the components.


And that’s all about Mr. Mine Idle Nuclear Reactor and Buff Lab!

We hope those Reactor setups and layouts will help you progress further into this idle mining game. And if you have any contribution to the Mr. Mine community, feel free to let us know on our Discord server.

Happy mining, miners!

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