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Mr. Mine Idle’s Buffs: A Comprehensive List

Mr. Mine Idle's Buffs A Comprehensive List

In the exciting world of Mr. Mine Idle, buffs play a crucial role in enhancing your game stats and optimizing your gameplay experience.

These temporary game boosters provide a variety of effects that can significantly impact your mining journey.

This comprehensive list explores all the buffs available in the mining game and how to acquire them. Discover the power of buffs and learn how to strategically utilize them to boost your mining prowess in this captivating incremental game developed by Playsaurus.

Buffs from Chests

When it comes to acquiring buffs, treasure chests hold great potential for a game about mining. Opening chests presents an opportunity to receive valuable buffs that can enhance your Mr. Mine gameplay.

The chances of obtaining buffs from chests depend on the number of static buffs you currently possess.

A buff spawn in a cave
A buff spawn in a cave

Let’s take a closer look at the probabilities associated with each scenario:

  1. If you have 0 buffs, there is a 3% chance of receiving a buff.
  2. If you have 1 buff, the chance decreases to 2%.
  3. With 2 buffs, the probability further reduces to 1%.
  4. If you already have 3 or more buffs, the chance drops to 0%.

It’s important to note that chests obtained from caves and excavations are considered regular basic chests and are not counted separately in terms of buff probabilities.

Types of Buffs

In Mr. Mine Idle, there are 10 distinct buffs that you can acquire, each offering its own unique benefits.

Let’s explore these game buffs and their base effects and durations:

  1. Miner Speed Potion: Increases miner speed by 50%.
  2. Elemental Pike: Increases the chance of finding isotopes by 50%.
  3. Drill Speed Potion: Boosts drill speed by 50%.
  4. Cargo Expansion: Enhances cargo capacity by 50%.
  5. Endless Gem Speed Potion: Decreases gem crafting time by 50%.
  6. Relic Effectiveness: Increases the effectiveness of relics by 50%.
  7. Key of Luck: Increases chest spawn frequency by 50%.
  8. Midas Touch: Enhances the chance of selling minerals and isotopes for double the price.
  9. Nugget of Attraction: Increases money obtained from treasure chests by 50%.
  10. Raining Chests: Drastically increases the odds of chests spawning for 30 seconds.

Each buff has a base duration of 20 minutes when acquired from chests or caves. However, buffs obtained through trades may have a shorter duration of 10 minutes.

It’s worth noting that buff durations can be increased by 10% if you possess the Sack of Endurance relic.

Some buffs remain active during timelapses, while others are paused. Active buffs continue to provide their benefits throughout the timelapse, while paused buffs do not contribute to the timelapse effects.

Rest assured that active buffs deliver their full potential during timelapses, maximizing your game progression in the game.

Buffs from Super Miners

In addition to the buffs obtained from chests, Mr. Mine Idle introduces Super Miners who grant unique buffs.

Diana, one of the Super Miners, offers a special Miner Speed Potion with an initial boost of 500% for a duration of 1 minute.

Thoth, another Super Miner, provides a 100% Relic Effectiveness buff that lasts for 5 minutes.

To activate these buffs, you’ll need to manually activate them from the corresponding Super Miner.

Buff Strategy

Strategic use of game buffs can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and accelerate your progress in this idle mining game.

A Buff Lab in Mr. Mine

Here are some tips for utilizing buffs effectively:

1. Stockpile Buffs

Consider accumulating buffs before activating them to create a powerful combination. Activate multiple buffs simultaneously to maximize their impact on your mining activities.

2. Caves and Buff Activation

When stockpiling buffs, save them for specific moments within the game, such as entering caves. This allows you to activate multiple buffs at once, providing a significant boost to your mining endeavors.

3. Timelapse Optimization

During timelapses, it’s crucial to strategically use buffs that remain active.

For instance, prioritize activating Miner Speed Potion, Elemental Pike, Drill Speed Potion, Cargo Expansion, Endless Gem Speed Potion, and Relic Effectiveness buffs to maximize your production rates.

4. Midas Touch Mastery

The Midas Touch buff holds immense potential for increasing your earnings. Stockpile valuable minerals and activate the Midas Touch buff to sell them at double the price, maximizing your profitability.

5. Synergistic Buff Combinations

Certain buffs, such as Key of Luck, Nugget of Attraction, and Midas Touch, work synergistically to amplify your rewards.

By activating these game buffs simultaneously, you can optimize the benefits of chest spawns, money from treasure chests, and increased selling prices.

6. Raining Chests Delight

When the Raining Chests buff is active, take full advantage of its effects.

Consider upgrading your Metal Detector to enhance the probability of discovering chests and reap the rewards of this temporary buff.


Buffs in Mr. Mine Idle hold the key to boosting your mineing games stats and accelerating your progress in the mining world.

By understanding the various buffs available, their effects, and how to acquire them, you can strategically incorporate them into your gameplay strategy.

Explore the different types of buffs, experiment with combinations, and take your game community by storm. Unleash the power of buffs and reach new depths of success in Mr. Mine Idle.

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