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Introduction to The Core in Mr. Mine Idle

Introduction to The Core in Mr. Mine Idle

Among many exciting clicker games, Mr. Mine Idle, developed by Playsaurus, is the one that allows you to run your own mining business.

Your mission is to drill deep into the Earth to discover the potential treasures. The deeper you dig in Mr. Mine, the more valuable materials you will find.

Then, you can sell these treasures for large amounts of money. With that cash, you can continue investing in your mining business and proceeding with your excavation adventure.

The game becomes even more interesting at a certain level of distance when you reach the Core feature. At this point, you can have your own decision-making to sacrifice items and potentially receive back rewards.

This article will explore everything about the Core: where you can find it and how to take full advantage of this feature!

Overview of The Core

The Core is a unique feature in Mr. Mine where you can sacrifice your items for fantastic rewards. You can either gain valuable treasures or nothing in return by sacrificing items.

Although this seems a bit tricky, you should note that every sacrifice is worthwhile, and there are many valuable rewards you can not find elsewhere.

So, knowing how to use it correctly can elevate your gaming experience to a new level.

Core Depth and Discovery

You can find the Core at a depth of 501 km, which means you reach halfway to the bottom surface of the Earth.

To reach this milestone, you need to overcome various challenges. It may range from upgrading your mining business to improving your digging effort.

Therefore, reaching this point not only shows your progress but also your dedication to being a top miner.

Types of Sacrifices in The Core

First, you should know that you can make three primary types of sacrifices in the Core: materials, relics, and scientists.

Each sacrifice type will bring different potential outcomes, ranging from swapped and upgraded items to “nothing happens”.

But, what should I sacrifice to The Core in Mr. Mine, you may ask? Read on to find the answer!

1. Materials Sacrificing

In your idle mining adventure, sacrificing Earth materials is necessary as it can provide more types of materials you need for further Trading Post offers or Blueprints.

To sacrifice materials, simply open the menu by clicking the Core, select the materials you want to sacrifice, adjust the quantity, and click “Sacrifice”.

Sacrifice Materials in Mr. Mine

You can expect two results after these actions.

Often, it will give you other types of materials with the same value as the one you sacrificed. Depending on your luck, you will get the materials with a higher or lower value.

On the other hand, you’ll receive nothing.

In general, you can take advantage of these sacrifices as a form of trade to collect more materials.

2. Relic Sacrificing

To begin the sacrifice, click on the Core to initiate the interaction. Once the menu appears, navigate to the “Relic” tab, select the relic you want to sacrifice, and then click “Sacrifice”.

Similar to materials, there is the possibility that players will receive the result of “nothing happens” after tossing a relic in the Core.

Sacrifice Relics in Mr. Mine

On the other hand, you will receive another relic in return, based on what you threw.

With Warped and Blessed/Divine Cores, you can use them as ways to upgrade your relic.

To be more specific, you will receive a Warped or Blessed relic when you throw relics into those cores. Remember that the success rate for this to happen is 100%.

3. Scientist Sacrificing

Like the above items, you must access the menu and select the scientist you want to sacrifice. Then click “Sacrifice” to proceed with the process.

In all Core types, including Basic, Warped, and Divine, the return rate is 50%. This indicates you will have a 50% chance of achieving the desired results.

Sacrifice Scientists in Mr. Mine

As for Basic Core, the results you can gain are either “nothing happens” or a new scientist.

Speaking of Warped and Divine, sacrificing a scientist will either lead to destroying itself or gaining an upgrade to Warped Scientist.

It is important to note that the returned Warped Scientist will be at level 1, regardless of the previous scientist’s level.

Additionally, tossing a scientist into the Warped Core rather than the Divine Core is recommended since the results are the same.

The Book of Secrets

When you learn about Mr Mine The Core and its related concept, it is important to know what does the book of secrets do in Mr Mine.

In Mr Mine gameplay, the Book of Secrets is regarded as the second-rarest relic.

You will need several of them because they hold certain features and are especially important in activating the Warped and Divine Cores.

There are two main ways to gain this special item.

First, you can gain it through the excavations of scientists. Second, it occasionally appears at the Trading Post, often at an unaffordable price, which requires you to make a material sacrifice to the Core.

While the Book of Secrets is especially required for sacrifice in the Core, it is important for you to gain some of them before reaching that point.

Core Changes: Basic, Warped, and Divine

Mr. Mine is one of the incremental games focusing on adventure and discovery. The Core of this game has three states.

When you first reach the Core, it is in the Basic state.

Currently, it only has the function to swap the items you throw at. For example, toss a relic and get another relic back.

The Basic Core transforms into the Warped Core when you sacrifice the Book of Secrets into it. You can easily detect this change by looking at the appearance as its color changes to blue.

Book of Secrets Relic

With this Warped Core, you can throw any relic or scientist and have the chance to receive the warped one. Remember that the return rate is 100% for relics and 50% for scientists.

If the sacrifice is successful, the Warped Core will revert to the Basic one.

For example, if you sacrifice the Book of Secrets to the Blue Core, you will receive a warped Book of Secrets, and the Warped Core reverts to the Basic one.

By sacrificing a Warped Book of Secrets to a Basic or Warped Core, the Core transforms into the Divine, displayed in golden color.

As for the Divine Core, you can sacrifice basic or warped relics to gain the divine relics in return. It is recommended to upgrade the relic from the basic to the divine level, avoiding wasting the Books of Secrets.

There is no divine scientist, so you will receive a 50% probability of a warped scientist if you sacrifice one scientist into the Divine Core.

As a result, we do not recommend sacrificing scientists to the Divine Core. Instead, use the Warped Core to get one while it has the same probability, saving you a Book of Secret.

Like the Warped state, the Divine Core also reverts to the Basic state after a successful sacrifice, so make sure you use it wisely.

The Power of the Blue Core

The blue core in Mr. Mine happens when you sacrifice a Book of Secrets to a Basic Core.

It is actually called a Warped Core. This special structure is important because it helps you upgrade your Mr Mine relics and scientists to warped versions.

Blue Core in Mr. Mine

Hence, anytime you see that blue core, you know you’re ready to boost your game by improving your items!

Additional Tips and Strategies

Imagine you have a bag full of special relics you want to make even better with the Book of Secrets.

But the tricky part is that the Book of Secrets is also a relic and needs its empty space in your bag. This means you have to remove one relic from your bag to make room for the Book of Secrets. If the upgrade doesn’t work, you will have even fewer relics.

Think of a scientist with an excavation reward as an extra space in your bag for relics. Keep the Book of Secrets with the scientist who found it.

Wait until you find another helpful relic with a different scientist, remove one relic, get the Book of Secrets, use it, and get the new relic.

By doing this, you won’t risk losing your relics until you have a replacement, and your relic bag will always be full.


The Core feature of Mr. Mine is an exciting experience for every player.

By bringing challenges and encouraging players to make strategic sacrifices, the gaming experience becomes even more elevating.

Since there are a lot of rewards waiting for you to explore, delve into The Core feature and leverage its mechanics for progression.

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