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Mr. Mine Caves: Unearth Valuable Rewards

Mr. Mine Caves: Unearth Valuable Rewards

Mr. Mine is a popular game about mining developed by Playsaurus that offers an exciting and addictive gameplay experience.

In this article, we will dive into Mr. Mine Caves and uncover the valuable rewards that await players!

The Mystery of Mr. Mine Caves

So, what are caves in Mr. Mine?

Caves are special locations that randomly appear throughout the world after covering a distance of 45 kilometers.

About the cave structures, these caves contain multiple nodes that offer various rewards that your drones can collect, provided they have enough fuel and health to overcome the obstacles within.

Mr. Mine caves in the mineshaft

Each cave has a timer associated with it, and if the timer runs out, the cave collapses. Multiple caves can be active simultaneously, and they operate independently of each other.

The primary objective in caves is to explore them fully. If that’s not possible, aim to collect as many reward nodes as you can. Initially, you will face challenges due to limited fuel, high fuel consumption, low carrying capacity, and limited time.

The Cave Building

The cave building located at 45 kilometers (often referred to as “kaves” on Discord) provides several functionalities:

  1. Drone Upgrades: You can upgrade your drones in a separate tab within the cave building.
  2. Treasure Collection: You can collect the treasures obtained from the caves.
  3. Cave Access: You can access each cave directly through a popup (Shift+Click) or by using its mineshaft (Click).

This building plays a vital role in enhancing Mr. Mine gameplay progression and provides a centralized location for players to optimize their mining operations.

Completing Caves in Mr. Mine

When a cave is fully explored, meaning all nodes have been explored and all treasures (except Health Packs) have been collected, the cave automatically collapses, even if the timer hasn’t run out.

What Can You Find in Caves?

Caves offer various rewards such as money, buffs, timelapses, scientists, building materials, mineral piles, and both gold and basic chests.

Those rewards help you progress further and deeper into the mineshaft, especially if you have the right game strategy.

Efficient Inventory Management

The mining cave building also serves as an inventory for the items your drones retrieve from the caves. The inventory has a limit of 36 items and cannot be increased.

Mr. Mine cave building

So, managing your inventory effectively is important to ensure you don’t miss out on any rewards. Here’s a suggested strategy:

  1. Prioritize Money Bags and Building Materials: Collect these rewards first, as they are valuable.
  2. Basic Chests and Timelapses: Next, focus on strategically collecting basic chests and using timelapses.
  3. Mineral Piles: You can store mineral piles if you anticipate benefiting from the Midas Touch buff. However, consider selling them at the Sell Center if they keep accumulating.
  4. Buffs: Buffs can be stored for different strategies, but if you have no active buffs and they keep accumulating like other incremental games, it’s better to use them.
  5. Scientists: Keep a reserve of scientists to replenish them when they die. However, if they accumulate faster than your scientists die, use them. They provide experience to one of your active scientists at random, which is better than losing treasures.

Let’s learn some game mechanics and drone types to fully complete a cave in Mr. Mine!

Mastering Drone Types in Mr. Mine

Mr.Mine offers different drones that players can use to enhance their mining operations. These drone for mining types include:

  • Basic Drone: Provides a vision of 1 node.
  • Magnetic Drone: Provides a vision of 1 node and can pull adjacent treasures.
  • Aerial Drone: Provides a vision of 3 nodes.
  • Healing Drone: Provides a vision of 1 node and gradually heals nearby drones after reaching its target location.
Mr. Mine drones screen

Each drone type possesses unique abilities and limitations, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses is key to utilizing them effectively.

Upgrading Fuel Capacity

Fuel upgrades play a vital role in enhancing drone performance in Mr. Mine.

Players can optimize their mining operations and reach deeper into the caves by increasing the maximum fuel level and fuel regeneration rate.

Mr. Mine fuel upgrade for drones

Here is a table showcasing the progression of fuel upgrades:

LevelMax FuelFuel RegenResources Needed
2350610 Building Materials
200.000 Black Opal
3400825 Building Materials
20.000 Californium
2.000 Polonium 1
44501050 Building Materials
5 Million Californium
150 Polonium 3
555012120 Building Materials
5 Million Californium
5.000 Oil
660014250 Building Materials
1 Million Californium
500 Polonium 3
765016500 Building Materials
10 Million Carbon
10.000 Nitrogen 1
870018750 Building Materials
25 Million Promethium
25 Fermium 1
9750201.000 Building Materials
10 Million Neodymium
10 Fermium 2
10800221.500 Building Materials
1 Million Ytterbium
5 Fermium 3

Max Drone Fuel and Drone Fuel Regen upgrades cost the same resources. And you can access those upgrades in the Craft Center building.

Strategic Approaches and Overcoming Hazards

Strategically approaching caves and effectively overcoming hazards is crucial for maximizing your rewards and ensuring the success of your drone missions.

Here are some key strategies and tips to keep in mind!

1. Plan Ahead

Before entering a cave, assess the available rewards and hazards. Identify the most valuable rewards and prioritize their collection.

Consider the capabilities of your drones and plan their deployment accordingly. Different drones have different strengths and weaknesses, so choose the ones that are best suited for the task at hand.

2. Optimize Fuel Usage

Fuel is a limited resource, so optimizing its usage is important. Plan your drone routes efficiently to minimize unnecessary movement and fuel consumption.

Upgrade your drones’ maximum fuel capacity and fuel regeneration rate in the Craft Center building. This will allow your drones to explore deeper into the cave and cover more ground.

3. Upgrade Drone Capabilities

Utilize the cave building to upgrade your drones’ individual capabilities.

Enhance the strength and speed of your Basic Drones to destroy rock boulders more efficiently. Increase the speed of Aerial Drones to gain a broader view of the cave layout and plan your routes more effectively.

Finally, consider upgrading the Healing Drone to ensure effective healing support for your other drones.

4. Time Management

Keep an eye on the timer associated with each cave. If the timer runs out, the cave will collapse, so prioritize your exploration drones accordingly.

5. Effective Range

Although calculating the precise range of drones in Mr. Mine is challenging, a good approximation can be made by observing when they reach 50% fuel and counting the covered nodes.

This count represents their effective round-trip range. To reach treasures beyond this range, chaining can be utilized.

6. Claim Mechanics

In Mr. Mine, drones claim treasures up to their capacity upon reaching a location. Once claimed, other drones cannot collect treasures.

If more treasures exist than a drone can claim, the next available drone claims up to its capacity. If a drone encounters a chamber with all claimed treasures, it treats it as empty and passes through.

This mechanic does not apply to the Health Pack.

7. Chaining

Chaining involves using multiple drones in succession to retrieve mine treasures located farther than a single drone’s round-trip range.

When a drone dies, it drops the treasure it was carrying, allowing another drone to collect it. By timing the arrival of the second drone close to the dying point of the first drone, time can be saved.

Drones of the same type take the same time between nodes, enabling efficient chaining strategies.

Overcoming Hazards in Mr. Mine Caves

Caves contain various hazards that can affect your drones:

  1. Rock Boulder: Blocks the path and must be destroyed to progress. Aerial Drones can bypass it, while other drones can destroy it, consuming fuel. Basic Drones are recommended for this task.
  2. Mud: Slows down ground drones. Aerial Drones are unaffected by it. The slow effect lasts for twice the normal duration.
  3. Radiation: Damages all drones over time at a rate of 10 damage per second.
  4. Lava: Damages drones over time. Aerial Drones can bypass it, while other drones are affected. The damage rate is 15 per second.

To overcome these hazards, you can use the cave building to upgrade your drones’ maximum fuel, fuel regeneration, and individual drone capabilities.


Deathtraps occur when a drone carrying treasure dies above lava or radiation, causing subsequent drones to die as they attempt to collect the dropped treasure.

This situation can be resolved by using Flying Drones to fix deathtraps above lava or radiation spots within range.

Magnetic and Healing Drones can also be used depending on the situation.

A cave is being explored by drones in Mr. Mine

Magnetic drones are advanced drones used strategically for two purposes. They can pull treasure out of deathtraps, but it’s important to consider alternative options, such as using Flying Drones to fix traps above the lava.

Magnetic drones are also useful for cleaning up side branches, but careful planning is required to avoid creating new deathtraps.

Healing drones, like Magnetic Drones, consume a lot of fuel and cannot carry treasures. However, they are fast and lose little HP when crossing hazards.

Balancing their use requires considering the number of hazards they need to cross.

Two Healing Drones in close proximity can sustain each other indefinitely, but fuel must be managed carefully to maintain this strategy.


Mr. Mine Caves provide an exhilarating and rewarding experience for players seeking adventure in the world of idle mining.

By exploring caves, collecting treasures, conquering challenges, and engaging with the Mr. Mine community, players can advance further in the game and unlock new possibilities.

Delve into the depths of Mr Mine and unearth valuable rewards that await in clicker games!

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