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Exploring Mr. Mine’s Mineshaft: A Journey into Endless Riches and Mysterious Depths

Exploring Mr. Mine's Mineshaft: A Journey into Endless Riches and Mysterious Depths

Welcome to the captivating world of Mr. Mine, an idle mining game by Playsaurus that will take you on an exciting adventure into the depths of the Mineshaft.

In this article, we will guide you through the various elements of Mr. Mine’s mineshaft and provide valuable insights to help you maximize your gameplay and unlock its hidden treasures.

The Workers of the Mine and the Manager

Mr. Mine’s gameplay consists of multiple operations where you can manage your mining process, upgrade the drill, trade ores for money and blueprints, and more.

Same as other clicker games, after manually mining the ores for a while, you can hire miners and send them to the mineshaft to work for you. These hardworking miners play a crucial role in your mining operations, tirelessly extracting valuable minerals, isotopes, and treasure chests.

Mr. Mine mineshaft

For each miner purchased, there will be a miner spawn on the corresponding slot in all mineshaft. For example, if you purchase the first miner, all current and future unlocked mineshaft will have their first slot filled.

Moreover, each kilometer dug unlocks a new mineshaft, allowing your workers to expand your mining capabilities. With their unique abilities and contributions, these workers are vital for your progression in the game.

Don’t forget the Manager, who hasn’t eaten or slept for several days and still assists you from above ground, enabling offline progression and providing valuable support in managing your resources.

Minerals, Isotopes, and Treasures

Mr. Mine has over 28 minerals and 22 isotopes. From common minerals like coal and copper to rare gems like emeralds and opals, each mineral has its own significance in your mining efforts.

You can sell them for money or save them to upgrade the driller, allowing you to dig deeper into the Earth. This unlocks more mineshafts; therefore, you can mine minerals and isotopes faster!

Mr. Mine golden chests

Moreover, isotopes play a crucial role in your mining operations and can also be obtained through miners. Just don’t sell them because you’ll really need them later on.

Additionally, keep an eye out for mineral piles that spawn on the mineshaft, as they provide large quantities of specific minerals.

Sometimes, your miners can find treasure chests instead of minerals and isotopes. These chests provide rewards such as timelapse, money, minerals, building materials, scientists, and more.

The Muscle Guy and Super Miner

The Muscle Guy is above the ground at the first mineshaft entrance. He sits on top of the Craft Center building and provides you with various quests (known as achievements).

By completing the quests, you can get your hands on valuable materials, such as money, minerals, timelapse, and building materials. Besides, you can use those quests to keep track of your progression into the game.

Mr. Mine achievements

Super miners, on the other hand, are the newest features of Mr. Mine. They’re versatile miners who offer a lot of powerful upgrades. This includes improving the drill speed, automatically selling the ores, increasing mining speed for all miners in a mineshaft, and more!

Trading Post

Unlocked at 15km, the Trading Post is crucial for acquiring essential resources and advancing your gameplay in the vibrant Mr. Mine game community.

Mr. Mine trading post

Once in a while, a new trader will arrive at the Trading Post and offer you various trading options. You can either trade minerals for money, timelapses, and buff. Sometimes, you can buy blueprints and minerals from the Trading Post too.

Exploring the Caves and Drones

Caves in Mr. Mine offer both challenges and rewards. First, you have a Cave Building located at 45km. This building shows all the available caves in your mineshaft and the rewards your drones have collected so far.

For each cave that appears in the mineshaft, you can command multiple drones (basic, flying, magnetic, and healing) out to collect the rich treasures to boost your mining process.

Mr. Mine caves

The reward includes:

  • Mineral Piles
  • Money Bags
  • Chests (Basic and Golden)
  • Buff
  • Building Materials
  • Scientists
  • Timelapses
  • Drone (for unlocking the Healing Drone)
  • and Health Pack

Additionally, you can upgrade your drones to enhance their capabilities and maximize their effectiveness in the caves.

Excavations and the Scientists

At 50km deep down in the mineshaft in Mr. Mine, you unlock scientists and their core feature – excavations.

Currently, there are 17 different scientists in the game.

Mr. Mine scientists

Scientists can be found by opening chests, completing excavations, and obtaining from caves. Each scientist has a rarity level, just like Super Miners. But more than that, you can send them out for a variety of excavations to get valuable resources, such as:

  • Relics
  • Treasure Chests
  • Tickets
  • Money
  • Buff
  • Scientists
  • Weapons
  • Building Materials
  • Super Miner Souls
  • And more!

Not to mention that each excavation has a failure chance, which means your scientists can die on a mission, giving you nothing but a body to bury. Tickets can be used to revive scientists, but it’s not recommended to do so.

Underground City, Oil, Weapons, and Battling Monsters

Venture deeper into the Mr. Mine mineshaft and discover the enigmatic Underground City. This subterranean metropolis located below 300km holds secrets and opportunities waiting to be unraveled.

Mr. Mine underground city

Establish an Oil Pump to extract valuable oil, a resource that fuels your mining operations and opens doors to new possibilities.

After reaching the Underground City, treasure chests and excavations grant you new weapons. Moreover, you can forge different colorful gems here to upgrade your weapons. So, equip yourself and defend against menacing monsters lurking in the mineshaft’s depths.

The Core

Located at 501km, the Core is a giant lava pit where you can throw (or sacrifice) your minerals, relics, or scientists for more valuable resources.

Mr. Mine the core

The chance is not always 100%. However, if you land on it, you can get more resources or an upgraded version of the sacrificed relics/scientists. This is pretty useful for buying certain upgrades since you can trade minerals for other minerals.

The Core is also a useful place to get many achievements. Additionally, pay attention to the secret between the Core and the Books of Secret relics.

Upgrades and Miscellaneous

Besides interesting game mechanics, Mr. Mine also has a lot of easter eggs and clickable objects spawning through the mineshaft.

Mr. Mine broken robots

Some of them spawn randomly on a certain range in the mineshaft, while others have a fixed spawn location. This means as long as you unlock mineshafts deep enough, you’ll be able to find them.

1. The Orange Fish

Discover the peculiar Mr. Mine Orange Fish, a clickable object that gives you a small boost in the game with 3x tickets. The fish spawns below 50km, so take your time and look thoroughly at the mineshaft.

2. The Golem (50km)

The Golem is the first creature the players encounter. Located at 50km, the Golem provides 16 more drill parts, drastically impacting the game progression.

3. Chest Collector (100km)

After a while, the players may be struggling to open the chests in the mineshaft manually. However, the Chest Collector spawns at 100km is a game-changer feature.

Once you’ve collected the Chest Collector, each chest spawn has a small chance to be collected and stored inside the collector. This feature makes the idling experience is enjoyable than ever in Mr. Mine.

4. The Broken Robot (225km)

Like the Golem, the Broken Robot is the next milestone the players must read to progress further into the game. It offers 16 more drill parts.

5. Chest Compressor (700km)

Quite deep in the mineshaft usually bury the best artifacts, and the Chest Compressor is one of them.

The Chest Compressor allows the players to convert basic chests into golden chests and golden chests into ethereal chests. It’s also upgradeable, so you can furthermore reduce the converting ratio, reduce the time, and increase the slot.

6. Robot MK2 (1257km)

Located in another world, Robot MK2 is currently the last robot in Mr. Mine that provides another 12 drill parts.

That said, those upgrades and clickable objects provide the players with exciting experiences finding them and offer valuable upgrades for your drill, achievements, and more.

Running Nuclear Reactors and Buff Lab

Later on in the game (around 1100km), the player will unlock a fun, challenging, yet rewarding minigames in Mr . Mine – The Nuclear Reactors.

Mr. Mine the reactors

Basically, this is the place where you use isotopes to create rods and turn them into energy by trying different puzzle layouts. For more information about the puzzle and game strategy, check out this page on Mr Mine wiki.

Right below the Nuclear Reactors is the Buff Lab. This is where you use the energy generated before to create various buffs, furthermore accelerating the game’s progress.

Unlocking Mysteries and Discovering Other Worlds

So, you’re quite deep into the mineshaft in Mr. Mine. From an underground city to a dangerous pit, are you wondering what could await you even deeper in the underworld below?

Mr. Mine the other world

With no game guides and spoilers, we suggest you experience the thrill of unlocking mysteries and delving into uncharted territories. As you progress through the mineshaft, you will encounter various milestones that lead to new challenges and worlds.

So, jump into Mr. Mine now and start your adventure! New milestones are waiting for you to explore!


Not like other incremental games, the mineshaft of Mr. Mine offers an immersive and fun-filled gaming experience. Unlock mysteries, battle fearsome monsters, and harness the power of nuclear energy to propel your mining operations to unprecedented success.

Embark on this exciting journey today and discover hidden secrets, uncover ancient artifacts, and unravel the mysteries that await you in Mr. Mine’s mineshaft.

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