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How to Play Mr. Mine – Strategic Guide

How to Play Mr. Mine - Strategic Guide

Mr. Mine is a highly popular idle incremental game that offers an addictive and engaging experience for players captivated by the mining world.

In this exciting idle mining game, players are tasked with the objective of accumulating wealth through strategic resource management and efficient mining operations.

Let’s delve into the thrilling Mr. Mine gameplay mechanics and discover the secrets of building a prosperous mining empire!

Mr. Mine – Game Basics

To embark on your mining adventure, you must understand the fundamentals of this idle mining clicker game.

The objective is simple yet challenging:

  1. Mine resources
  2. Upgrade your drill
  3. Dig deeper into the Earth
  4. And accumulate immense wealth

Mr. Mine offers a range of engaging elements to keep players hooked, including workers, structures, drills, relics, super miners, and a lot more! Next, we’ll go through each of them.

1. Workers, Super Miners, and the Manager

Workers play a crucial role in your mining operations in Mr. Mine. They tirelessly extract valuable resources from the depths of the earth.

Each additional worker you purchase will appear on every mineshaft you’ve unlocked, significantly impacting your overall mining output. Therefore, upgrading and hiring new workers is vital to increase productivity and maximize your mining potential in Mr. Mine.

A miner's quote in Mr. Mine

Besides normal workers, Mr. Mine’s recent update introduced Super Miners – miners with ability. They provide an extra boost to your progress, accelerating your journey to prosperity.

Currently, there are over 40 super miners in the game. So, variety your playstyle and try out different builds to find out what works best to boost your progression furthermore.

Lastly, the Manager is your trusted and must-hire companion (even though he hasn’t eaten and slept for several days), enabling offline game progression and granting you the ability to lock certain minerals during the Sell All action.

2. The Drill

In Mr. Mine, your main goal is to dig deeper and deeper.

As you dig deeper into the earth, you unlock additional mineshafts, each housing a wealth of resources and workers. And that makes the lifeless drill become more and more important in this idle mining game.

Mr. Mine drill blueprints

The drill consists of four parts: the engine, the drill, the fan, and the cargo. While the cargo help increases the max amount of mineral you can carry, the other three parts increase the driller’s watts.

The deeper you go, the longer it takes to unlock a new mineshaft. And the time it takes depends on how strong your drill is, or specifically, how many watts it has.

Therefore, upgrading your drill increases your mining efficiency and unlocks greater wealth.

3. Relics

Relics, powerful items discovered during excavations, trading posts, and caves, offer substantial boosts to your mining productivity. They enhance various aspects of your gameplay, such as miner speed, drill speed, selling prices, chest spawn frequency, and more.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll only have 10 slots to store the relics. Even though you can increase this number to 15 by finding Relic Bags, it’s not always the case for people who just started the game.

Mr. Mine relics

Based on your goal and objective, the relic build may vary. However, Book of Success, Book of Time, Midas Touch, and Golden Shovel are considered the best relics in the game.

Besides, the Book of Secrets is a relic that plays a vital role in boosting your progression speed even more. For more spoilers and game guides, check out the Book of Secret section on this Mr. Mine Wiki page.

4. Buff

Buffs can be found in caves, chests, trading posts, super miners, and later on in the game, in the Buff Lab. These temporary enhancements provide advantages such as increased mining speed, higher selling prices, accelerated chest spawns, and more.

Mr. Mine buffs

Crafting the right game strategy to utilize buffs effectively can significantly boost your progress. For instance, combining the Cargo Expansion buff with the Midas Touch buff allows you to amass a vast quantity of minerals and sell them at a premium price, multiplying your profits.

The Raining Chests buff is another valuable buff that helps you complete game achievements and expedite your progress.

5. Quest System

The quest system in Mr. Mine plays a vital role in advancing through the game and earning valuable rewards.

Quests encompass various objectives, including mining targets, upgrading tasks, and resource collection challenges. By efficiently completing quests, you can earn rewards that aid in your progression.

Mr. Mine quests

Check out this “The Mr. Mine Achievements Guide: Tips to Unlock Every Achievement” article for a full achievement list and how to maximize your quest rewards.

6. Building Materials

So, how to get building materials in Mr. Mine?

Three sources to get building materials in Mr. Mine include chests, excavations, and caves.

Normal chests (wooden chests) have an 8% chance of giving 1 building material. While golden chests have a 3% and 2.5% chance of giving 20 and 50 building materials, respectively. The chance is also based on other factors, such as how depth you’ve dug or the level of your metal detector, so bear this in mind.

Mr. Mine caves

Besides, scientists have a small chance to do building material excavations, giving you 10 building materials above 600km. After this point, you can only get 2 building materials per excavation.

Alternatively, caves are rich sources of building materials since each node in the caves has up to 10 building materials already. So, let’s send out Mr. Mine drones and explore the caves!

7. Codes

Mr. Mine’s codes are a great source for tickets and timelapses, giving a small boost to progress further into the game. You can only get them in the Announcement channel on Mr. Mine’s Discord server.

Mr. Mine codes list usually expires after a certain time or use, so it’s recommended to frequently check out the Discord channel rather than searching on websites.

Resource Management in Mr. Mine

Efficient resource management is the key to long-term success in Mr. Mine.

In the early stage of the game, players can only sell all the minerals or individually sell all one mineral in the Sell Center building. This small obstacle makes resources management a real problem soon since you can’t keep the needed ones and sell the rest.

Later, you unlock features to make your life easier and improve resource management. From locking certain minerals to trading minerals with another one, you can generate substantial wealth and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Mr. Mine tradings

The Core and the Trading Post are your best friend regarding resource management. There aren’t so many trading techniques in the game since you can just hover the mouse over the trading button to see the payment and reward value.

When playing with the Core, try using the savescum method (considered as Mr. Mine cheats) to get the most out of your relics and scientists.

Besides, upgrading workers, structures, and drills is essential for enhancing your mining efficiency. Each upgrade offers tangible benefits and contributes to your overall progress.

Moreover, if you’re stuck at any part of the game, Mr. Mine has a great game community where players share their strategy with each other, especially on Discord. So, check it out!

Let’s Mine!

Mr. Mine by Playsaurus offers an immersive and addictive gameplay experience for mining enthusiasts.

Applying this guide’s strategies and helpful tips can enhance your gameplay and build a thriving mining empire. Strategic planning, efficient resource management, and careful decision-making are the keys to unlocking endless wealth and becoming a mining tycoon in this captivating game.

Try out Mr. Mine now and savor the satisfaction of creating a prosperous mining empire!

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