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Which Super Miners Should You Choose in Mr. Mine?

Which Super Miners Should You Choose in Mr. Mine

As you step into the world of Mr. Mine, you run your own mining business with tons of valuable rewards from the mineshaft.

During this adventure, you’re in charge of digging up valuable resources and turning them into riches. But here’s the thing: you can unlock the special workers called Super Miners.

Let’s see who Super Miners are and why they are so important in this idle game!

Understanding Super Miners

Playsaurus introduced Super Miners into this idle mining game with the release of version 0.40 in October 2022.

At a depth of 10km, you will find the Super Mine’s building and receive the first free random Super Miner.

Mr. Mine Super Miner building

After that, you may wonder how to get super miners in Mr. Mine.

Well, to have more of them on your team, you have to open Ethereal Chests.

But finding Ethereal isn’t easy as they are pretty rare.

They only show up every once in a while, about 1 in every 790 chests. Sometimes, you might get lucky to find them when you compress gold chests. Or you can even buy them from the shop with 30 tickets.

Once you’ve unlocked Ethereal, you have a chance to obtain a Super Miner. They come in different rarities:

  • Common (35%)
  • Uncommon (16.5%)
  • Rare (7.5%)
  • Legendary (1%)

These Super Miners come with cool powers that make your mining job more efficient.

You can even upgrade them by using Super Miner Souls. These souls can be found in Ethereal Chests, scrap Super Miners you don’t need, or discovered during scientists’ excavations.

Types of Super Miners

Up to now, there are 10 types of Super Miners Mr. Mine, each designed to aid your mining adventures in different ways:

  • Mining (mineral): Makes your miner work faster at its depth, speeding up by a certain percentage.
  • Mining (isotope): Collects more isotopes at its depth, increasing by a certain percentage.
  • Buff: Gives you a special boost for every X minerals mined.
  • Drilling: Boosts your mining speed by a certain percentage.
  • Seller: Automatically sells some of your chosen mineral every second.
  • Egg: Levels up and gains more scrap on its own, earning you more super miner souls.
  • Chest: Makes more treasure chests appear nearby on its depth and two levels above and below.
  • Deposit: Improves your chance of finding valuable mineral deposits by X and increases the cap by Y.
  • Booster: Makes other Super Miners work even better.
  • Reward: Surprises you with a random reward for every X minerals mined.

Top 10 Super Miners in Mr. Mine

In this list, we’ll showcase the top Super Miners and their powerful abilities.

1. Thoth the Wise

Thoth the Wise

This Super Miner boosts your relic effectiveness by 15%-150% for 5 minutes based on your mining progress.

Thoth the Wise changes depths every 6 minutes.

2. Gaston


Gaston speeds up your mining process by 3150%-12450% at various depths.

He also changes depths every 6 minutes.

3. Juggernaut


Juggernaut has the same effect as Gaston and also changes depths every 6 minutes.

4. Orange Fish

Orange Fish

Increase chest spawns by 630%-1110% on 5 levels to boost your rewards. It changes depths every 1 minute.

To learn more about what types of rewards you can find in treasure chests, check out “All About Mr. Mine Treasure Chests: Finding, Collecting, and Compressing“.

5. Old King Coal

Old King Coal

Old King Coal increases mineral deposit spawns by 80%-750% and increases the limit of mineral deposits by 1-4.

He changes depths every 6 minutes.

6. Booster


As its name implies, Booster boosts other Super Miners’ effects by 25%-250% for 1 minute.

Booster changes depths every 30 seconds.

7. Master Mined

Master Mined

Master Mined automatically sells 25-250 minerals and other over-capacity minerals every second.

8. Jeffrey


Jeffrey increases mining speed by 3150% for the current depth and automatically sells mined minerals.

He changes depths every 6 minutes.

9. Rocket Pockets

Rocket Pockets

Rocket Pockets automatically sells 18-180 minerals every second, making your resource handling effortless.

10. Ethereal Egg

Ethereal Egg

It levels up on its own, giving you more scrap for better resources without any hassle.

Moreover, it passively gains experience and levels up, offering more scrap for resource upgrades.

Player Strategies

Looking for ways to improve your Mr. Mine gameplay? Let us provide a game strategy to help you out!

1. Unlock More Slots

You can have several Super Miners at once.

The first two slots are free, but you need to buy extra slots with Super Miner Souls.

Five slots in Super Miner building

Keep an eye on your slots and plan ahead to make sure you have room for new miners when you find them.

2. Smart Scrapping

Super Miners can be scrapped for Super Miner Souls.

Be smart about which miners you scrap – don’t waste valuable miners on upgrades that won’t pay off in scraps.

Scrapping Super Miners

Eggs also provide bonus scraps (40%), so prioritize them when scrapping.

3. Level Up Wisely

Super Miners have levels, with a maximum of level 10 (except for Diana, who maxes out at level 5).

A level 6 legendary Super Miner

Upgrade costs are consistent across rarities, so focus on leveling up miners that offer the most benefit to your mining strategy.

4. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix different types of miners to cover all aspects of your mining operation.

Whether you need speed, automatic selling, or increased chest spawns, having a variety of miners can maximize your efficiency.


Choosing the right Super Miners in incremental games is key to success in Mr. Mine. They help you mine faster, sell minerals automatically, and offer unique boosts.

But here’s the exciting part: there’s no one-size-fits-all game guides! So, don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations and strategies.

The more you explore and experiment, the closer you’ll get to mining success!