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Understanding Relics in Mr. Mine Idle by Playsaurus

During your mining journey in Mr. Mine Idle, developed by Playsaurus, you must have discovered various features that help you build a successful mining colony.

Among them, relics are essential features that can change your entire gameplay, as they boost every aspect of the game.

To learn more about this feature, let’s see what they are first!

What Are Relics in Mr. Mine Idle?

For easy understanding, relics are special items that you can discover during your mining adventure. When you obtain them, they can boost specific abilities in your game progression.

Each relic will have different effects, such as increasing spawn frequency, spawn rate, sell price, miner speed, drill speed, and more.

Also, by upgrading them to the Warped or Divine level, their effect will be upgraded constantly, helping you achieve your goal quickly.

As a result, collecting relics becomes an exciting part of this idle mining game.

How to Obtain Relics

There are two main ways to obtain relics in Mr. Mine.

First, you can send your scientists on excavation missions. This is the primary way to obtain relics, allowing scientists to delve into the mine and discover valuable relics and other minerals.

Another way to acquire relics is through Trading Post, although this method is less common.

You can find the Trading Post at a depth of 15km below the Earth’s surface. Here, you can exchange materials for the relics you want.

Obtaining relics from scientist excavation

However, it is essential to note that relics are not easy to find. As there are differences in the rarity of various relics, some relics are extremely rare and require much effort and luck.

Moreover, certain relics may have restrictions or requirements before you can access their full benefits, such as requiring you to reach a particular level of depth.

Since obtaining relics is not a simple task, it makes the game more challenging and encourages players to progress to achieve valuable relics.

Navigating the Relics Inventory

From the beginning of the Mr. Mine, you will have 10 relic slots.

As you progress through the game and your relics inventory becomes full, you must delete some relics to make space for new ones.

However, there is good news! You can expand the relic inventory to 20 slots with tickets.

The first extra slot costs 5 tickets, and each subsequent slot increases by 5. In other words, you must pay 10 tickets for the second expansion to 12 slots.

Navigating the Relics Inventory

If you’ve already expanded the relics inventory, but it is still full, you should take advantage of scientists.

This way, you can temporarily store a relic in one of your scientists’ reward slots while managing inventory. But remember that scientists cannot work when holding a relic in their reward slot.

Table List of Relics

This table consists of different relics in Mr. Mine with their rarities, special features, effects, and other details.

IconNameRarityDescriptionMax Effect
BullseyeCommonIncrease critical hit chance (2x damage) during battle by 5/7/10%100%
ScytheCommonIncreases chance to immediately resurrect a scientist when killed by 2/4/5%80%
Light BootCommonIncreases battle weapon speed by 1/3/6%50%
Cargo ExpansionCommonIncreases cargo capacity by 15/30/45%N/A
Wooden ShieldCommonIncreases battle max health by 3/6/12%225%
Pay CutCommonDecreases miner upgrade and hire costs by 5/8/10%80%
Eagle EyeCommonIncrease critical hit chance (2x damage) during battle by 7/10/15%100%
Wider WellCommonIncreases the oil generation rate by 5/8/12%80%
Sword of WarUncommonIncreases all battle damage by 5/8/12%100%
Sack of EnduranceUncommonIncrease the Buffs duration by 7/10/15%N/A
Steel ShieldUncommonIncreases battle max health by 5/10/15%N/A
Light Golden BootsUncommonIncreases battle weapon speed by 5/8/10%50%
Onyx OracleUncommonMineral deposit amount multiplier by 15%/20%/25%N/A
Ruby ResonatorUncommonMineral deposit spawn multiplier by 10%/15%/20%N/A
Golden ShovelUncommonIncreases all minerals and isotopes sell price by 6/8/13%N/A
Sparkly DistractionUncommonDecreases blueprint purchase price by 6/8/10%80%
Book of IngenuityUncommonIncrease the chance to find Building Materials in basic Chests by 6/12/16%N/A
Book of TimeUncommonIncreases all timelapse durations by 10/12/15%100%
Copper ScytheUncommonIncreases chance to immediately resurrect a scientist when killed by 3/5/7%80%
Fuel ExtractorUncommonIncrease cave regenerate fuel speed by 7.5%/10%/12.5%N/A
Fuel TankUncommonIncrease drones starting fuel by 7.5%/10%/12.5%N/A
Endless Drill Speed PotionUncommonIncreases drill speed by 10/15/20%N/A
Golden BowUncommonIncrease critical hit chance (2x damage) during battle by 10/15/20%100%
Endless Miner Speed PotionRareIncreases miner speed by 6/8/13 %N/A
Endless Gem Speed PotionRareDecrease gem upgrade time by 5/10/15%75%
Nugget of AttractionRareIncreases money from treasure chests by 10/15/20%N/A
Key of LuckRareIncreases chest spawn frequency by 5/7/10%N/A
Endless Scientist Speed PotionRareIncreases the experience of scientist by 15/20/25%75%
Egg of IncubationRareIncreases maximum offline progress duration by 10/20/30%N/A
Rocket BoosterRareIncrease the drones movement speed by 7.5%/10%/12.5%N/A
Golden ScytheRareIncreases chance to immediately resurrect a scientist when killed by 5/7/10%80%
Midas TouchRareIncreases minerals and isotopes selling chance for 2x the price by 5/7/10%100%
Elemental PickaxeRareIncreases isotopes finding chance by 15/20/25 %N/A
Book of SuccessLegendaryIncreases all excavation success rates by 10/12.5/15%75%
Copper PickaxeLegendaryEach new KM depth reached grants 3/7/10 hours worth of your highest mineral unlocked48 hours
JuicerLegendaryIncrease Super Miner Speed by 5%/7.5%/10%100%
Key of GoldLegendaryIncreases golden chests spawn rate by 5/6.5/8%80%
Book of SecretsLegendaryUsed to upgrade the CoreN/A
Key Of The VoidLegendaryIncreased Ethereal Chests spawn chance by 5.5%/7/8.5%85%
The Golden PickaxeLegendaryEach new KM depth reached grants 12/16/18 hours worth of your highest mineral unlocked48 hours

As seen from the table, you will find special abilities of particular relics, then use them as game guides to unlock the potential of one of the most exciting mining clicker games.

Best Relics in Mr. Mine

In this exciting mining clicker game, you’ll encounter various relics that can help you achieve your objective and enhance your game experience.

However, some relics stand out more than others, including:

1. Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets can be used in the Mr. Mine Core to upgrade other relics to higher levels.

As a result, obtaining this Book of Secrets not only helps you gain more rewards but also increases the value of your resources.

2. Golden Shovel

This relic increases the selling price of all minerals and isotopes by 6/8/13%, depending on its level.

In other words, it will help you gain more money when you sell your own treasures.

3. Book of Success

Anytime you start a new excavation, you will want it to be successful.

With this Book of Success relic, you can increase the success rate to 10%, 12.5%, or 15%, respectively, as it upgrades to higher levels.

4. Key of Luck

As its name suggests, this relic increases the frequency of chest spawns by 5%, 7%, and 10%, respectively.

5. Book of Time

This relic is used for any miner who wants to optimize time management in the mining world.

It helps players increase all timelapse durations by 10/12/15%. As a result, you can take advantage of the extended time to gain more valuable resources.

Since each relic offers a different effect that can enhance your mining adventure, they are considered the best relics in Mr. Mine.

To obtain these valuable Mr. Mine relics, stay persistent in every scientist’s mission. Moreover, remember to keep an eye on the marketplace at the Trading Post.

How to Use Relics in Mr. Mine

Depending on your goals, you can choose which relics to speed up that process. For example, if you need money, use relics such as Golden Shovel that boost your earnings.

So, it is necessary for you to understand your goal at a specific time of the game and use the choice of the relic to fit the job.

Also, you can combine relics and buffs for maximum impact and reach your goal quickly.

Don’t forget that you can use the Book of Secrets relic to upgrade other relics to the Warped or Divine level. Focus on the most potential relics and then follow their impacts to gain the desired results.

The Special Relic: Book of Secrets

Mr. Mine Book of Secrets is considered one of the most important relics in Mr. Mine, as it is the key to unlocking Warped and Divine Cores. Once you obtain it, you can use it as a tool to upgrade your existing relics, making them even more powerful.

However, acquiring this relic will require a bit of luck due to its rarity. You can gain it through the excavations of scientists or at the Trading post at an unaffordable price.

The Special Relic: Book of Secrets

Once you obtain the Book of Secrets, you can sacrifice it to the Basic Core to transform it into the Warped Core. With the Warped Core, you can throw any relic or scientist to upgrade them to the warped level. Remember that the success rate is 100% for relics and 50% for scientists.

You can also transform the Warped Core into the Divine Core using the Warped Book of Secrets. Similarly, you can upgrade other relics to the Divine level with the Divine Core, constantly increasing their effects.

The Warped and Divine Cores will revert to the Basic Core after a successful sacrifice, so use them wisely.

To learn more about how to upgrade relics in Mr. Mine, check out this “Introduction to The Core in Mr. Mine Idle” article.

Understanding Relic Mechanics

In Mr. Mine, relics are the key to enhancing your mining abilities, but it’s crucial to understand how to use them right.

You can combine relics and buffs to boost your mining abilities. Relics’s effects add up when combined with each other and with buffs.

However, there’s a limit to how much effect you can get, called the hard cap. Once you reach that limit, adding more relics won’t help you anymore.

Book of Ingenuity doesn’t work on Golden Chests, while Key of Gold increases the chances of finding golden chests significantly, up to 500%.

There are some relics that you can use at the same time to add up their effects. For example, having a Copper Pickaxe and a Golden Pickaxe boosts your hours’ worth of the highest mineral unlocked.

Strategies for Optimizing Relics

In the beginning, Golden/Copper Pike relics are recommended, as they can help you earn more money when you sell your minerals.

Later, you will get special buffs during the mining adventure to combine with relics to maximize the effects and gain worthwhile results.

However, you should focus on how you arrange relics and when to use available buffs.

Pay attention to your session’s statistics, which can provide valuable insights. Also, your relic layout should match your current objectives, whether earning coins or finding treasures.


During the game, relics are your special treasures, and knowing how to use them right will lead you to the game’s success.

Remember that  Mr. Mine is not just a game about mining; it combines game strategy and skill. So focus on your goals, keep exploring, and make the most of the relics feature to conquer the game!

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