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What Does the Book of Secrets Do in Mr. Mine?

What Does the Book of Secrets Do in Mr. Mine

Mr. Mine, developed by Playsaurus, invites you to the world of mining adventure.

During this idle mining journey, you find relics as valuable treasures that can boost various aspects of Mr. Mine’s gameplay and help you move further.

Among them, the Book of Secrets (BoS) is one of the most significant relics that can unlock advanced features.

So, let’s uncover the BoS and how they can seriously boost your mining adventure!

What is the Book of Secrets?

The Book of Secrets is the second-rarest relic in Mr. Mine.

So, what does the Book of Secrets do in Mr. Mine?

Its main and only function is to upgrade the level of the Core.

Book of Secrets Relic

Specifically, you can sacrifice it to the Core to change it to Warped Core, and do it again with Warped BoS to change the Core to the divine state.

Because a Warped or Divine Core is necessary to upgrade the rarity and power of your materials, relics, and scientists, obtaining Mr. Mine Book of Secrets is necessary in your game strategy.

How to Get the Book of Secrets

There are two main ways to gain the Book of Secrets in Mr. Mine:

The first method requires a lot of luck and trading techniques to get the required money. That’s why the latter method is more accessible to get BoS.

By sending scientists to different types of missions, you can receive rewards like minerals and relics.

Due to the rarity of the BoS, acquiring it might require persistence and a bit of luck. However, it’s considered free unless the death chance of the excavation is too high.

How to Use the Book of Secrets

So, how do you use the Book of Secrets wisely? You may ask.

As previously mentioned, the primary function of the BoS is to upgrade the Core.

To do this, you need to sacrifice the Book of Secrets into the Basic Core to change it into a Warped Core.

Next, you can choose between continuing to upgrade the Warped Core to a Divine one or using this Warped Core to gain Warped relics or scientists.

Sacrificing BoS to the Core

If you want to upgrade your relics or scientist, simply toss your desired one into the Warped Core. But remember that the success rate for scientists is only 50%.

Also, for each successful sacrifice, the Warped Core will revert to the Basic one.

Alternatively, sacrifice another Book of Secrets to acquire a Warped Book of Secrets. Then, toss it into the Basic Core once more to upgrade it into a Divine/Blessed Core.

Similar to Warped Core, you can use Divine Core to sacrifice and gain Divine Relics or Warped Scientist (with a 50% success rate, but it is not recommended).

A Divine Relic in Mr. Mine

Upgrading relics and scientists to Warped and Divine states increase their impact accordingly.

For example, the Endless Drill Speed Potion gets a boost, increasing drill speed by 15% with a Warped state and 20% with a Divine state.

But how does Mr. Mine Book of Secrets actually change the look of the core in a way we can see?

When you convert the basic Core to the Warped version using the Book of Secrets, you’ll notice a change— it turns blue. At the Divine level, the Core transforms into a stunning golden color.

Strategies and Tips

Because the game mechanics of all incremental games like Mr. Mine are gradual progress, the game will become tougher and require you with the game strategy to move further with efficient speed.

That’s when the Book of Secrets comes into play to boost your stats and impacts.

So you should save them when you’re ready to upgrade or unlock advanced features for relics and scientists.

Of course, this will happen after you reach the Core at a depth of 501 km.

Also, be smart about your resources.

Check how many BoS you have, see if your Core is ready for an upgrade, and consider the impact on relics and scientists before making big moves.


The Book of Secrets in Mr. Mine is your key to gaining exciting upgrades.

As you dive deeper into the mineshaft, you should be smart with your strategies. Knowing how to use the BoS wisely can turn them into secret weapons for an enhanced gaming experience.

So, explore new strategies, and make your Mr. Mine adventure even more exciting!

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