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All About Mr. Mine Miners: Upgrades, Costs, and Exciting Features

All About Mr. Mine Miners: Upgrades, Costs, and Exciting Features

Mr. Mine – an idle mining clicker game made by Playsaurus, is an immersive mining adventure that takes players deep into the depths of the mineshaft in search of valuable resources.

With its addictive game mechanics, Mr. Mine offers a unique experience for fans of idle mining, clicker games, and incremental games.

This comprehensive guide will provide helpful tips and explore the Mr. Mine miners, from upgrades to special and super miners!

The Role of Mr. Mine Miners

Miners play a pivotal role in Mr. Mine, as they are responsible for mining minerals, isotopes and discovering treasure chests.

Mr. Mine miners in mineshafts

These hardworking individuals contribute significantly to the player’s income and overall progress as you can sell the minerals for money in the Sell Center building.

Therefore, hiring and upgrading miners is crucial to optimize resource generation and maximize earnings.

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Hiring Miners

To hire miners in Mr. Mine, players must visit the Hire Center, the central hub for managing their mining workforce. The Hire Center allows players to buy miners and upgrade them to enhance their mining capability.

The hire function to hire miners in Mr. Mine

The game has three hire stations corresponding to the other worlds: Earth, Moon, and Titan.

Earth Hire Station

The Earth hire station is available from the beginning of the game. It offers affordable miners, making it an ideal starting point for players in this mining game.

MinerCost in Normal Notation ($)Cost in Scientific Notation ($)
93 Million3e6
1010 Million1e7

Moon Hire Station

As players progress deeper into the mineshaft, they unlock the Moon world and its corresponding hire station. The Moon miners provide higher yields but come with increased costs compared to Earth miners.

MinerCost in Normal Notation ($)Cost in Scientific Notation ($)
210 Trillion1e13
325 Trillion2.5e13
4100 Trillion1e14
5400 Trillion4e14
61.8 Quadrillion1.8e15
78 Quadrillion8e15
830 Quadrillion3e16
9110 Quadrillion1.1e17
10300 Quadrillion3e17

Titan Hire Station

The Titan hire station becomes accessible once players reach the Titan world (around 1782km). Titan miners offer the highest resource generation potential but require substantial investment.

MinerCost in Normal Notation ($)Cost in Scientific Notation ($)
2100 Quintillion1e20
3300 Quintillion3e20
41 Sextillion1e21
55 Sextillion5e21
625 Sextillion2.5e22
7100 Sextillion1e23
8300 Sextillion3e23
9900 Sextillion9e23
102.7 Septillion2.7e24

Although Mr. Mine has unlimited mineshaft and resources for the players to mine, there can only be a maximum of 10 miners per mineshaft. Moreover, once you unlock it, the purchased miners will be automatically added to the next mineshaft.

That said, an additional miner purchase may not significantly impact the short term. But as you progress deep enough into the game, miners can be your best friend.

Miner Upgrades

Upgrading miners is a vital aspect of Mr. Mine, as it enhances their efficiency and production capabilities. Players can significantly boost their resource collection and income by investing in upgrades.

Upgrade Mr. Mine miners with miner efficiency upgrades

The Hire Center offers a range of miner upgrade cost options for Earth, Moon, and Titan miners.

Earth Miner Upgrades

Upgrades for Earth miners enable players to increase their mining efficiency and maximize their earnings from the Earth mineshaft.

UpgradeCost in Normal Notation ($)Cost in Scientific Notation ($)
110 Million1e7
250 Million5e7
3200 Million2e8
41 Billion1e9
56 Billion6e9
640 Billion4e10
7350 Billion3.5e11
81 Trillion1e12
910 Trillion1e13
10100 Trillion1e14

Moon Miner Upgrades

Upgrading Moon miners unlocks advanced technologies and equipment, allowing for faster mining and higher resource yields. These upgrades come at a higher cost but offer substantial benefits to resource management and progression.

UpgradeCost in Normal Notation ($)Cost in Scientific Notation ($)
12 Quintillion2e18
28 Quintillion8e18
320 Quintillion2e19
450 Quintillion5e19
580 Quintillion8e19
6100 Quintillion1e20
7140 Quintillion1.4e20
8200 Quintillion2e20
9300 Quintillion3e20
10500 Quintillion5e20

Titan Miner Upgrades

The Titan upgrades provide the ultimate boost to mining capabilities, offering exponential growth in resource generation. Investing in Titan miner upgrades is essential for players aiming to unlock the game’s deepest secrets and rarest treasures.

UpgradeCost in Normal Notation ($)Cost in Scientific Notation ($)
120 Septillion2e25
240 Septillion4e25
380 Septillion8e25
4160 Septillion1.6e26
5320 Septillion3.2e26
6640 Septillion6.4e26
71.28 Octillon1.28e27
82.56 Octillon2.56e27
95.12 Octillon5.12e27
1010.24 Octillon1.024e28

Mining Efficiency and Relative Increases

It is important to understand the relationship between miners, upgrades, and their impact on resource production. So let’s dive deep in a little bit!

Mining efficiency in Mr. Mine depends on the number of miners and upgrades owned by the player.

While each additional miner and upgrade provides a percentage-based boost, the relative increases diminish over time.

Miner or UpgradeDirect BonusTotal BonusRelative Bonus
Miner #15%5%N/A
Miner #25%10%100%
Miner #35%15%50%
Miner #45%20%33.33%
Miner #55%25%25%
Miner #65%30%20%
Miner #75%35%16.67%
Miner #85%40%14.29%
Miner #95%45%12.5%
Miner #105%50%11.11%
Upgrade #17.5%57.5%15%
Upgrade #27.5%65%13.04%
Upgrade #37.5%72.5%11.54%
Upgrade #47.5%80%10.34%
Upgrade #57.5%87.5%9.38%
Upgrade #67.5%95%8.57%
Upgrade #75%100%5.26%
Upgrade #85%105%5%
Upgrade #95%110%4.76%
Upgrade #105%115%4.55%

As you can see, the first miner contributes 5% of the base production, while the second miner increases production by 10%, resulting in a 100% relative increase. However, the third miner only adds 15% to production, a relative increase of 50%.

This diminishing pattern continues as players hire more miners and purchase upgrades.

Treasure Chests and Special Miners

As players delve deeper into the mineshaft, there is a chance to discover treasure chests filled with valuable quest rewards. These chests can be found at below 30km depths and offer bonuses that aid in-game progression, including:

  • Money
  • Timelapses
  • Buffs
  • Building Materials
  • Scientists
  • Minerals
  • Oil
  • Weapons
Upgraded Mr. Mine miners

Additionally, players may encounter special miners denoted by a red star next to their names. They are associated with players purchasing a pack of 650 tickets or 1400 tickets in the game (the last two options).

Super Miners

Super Miners, introduced as a major feature in version 0.40 of Mr. Mine, are powerful entities that enhance mining capabilities.

These special miners are obtained from Ethereal chests and offer various abilities and benefits, such as increased mining speed, higher isotope yield, buffs, and more.

Mr. Mine super miners

Ethereal chests have a 1 in 790 chance of spawning and can be obtained through Mr. Mine gameplay, purchases, or by compressing gold chests.

To learn more about the update 0.40 and the game update history, check out this page on Mr. Mine Wiki.


In the vast world of Mr. Mine, miners are the backbone of resource collection and game progression.

By hiring and upgrading miners, players can optimize their mining operations, increase their income, and unlock new depths and treasures.

Delve into the depths, hire Super Miners, and unleash the full potential of your mining workforce as you prepare for thrilling battles with formidable monsters lurking in the shadows!

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