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Top Idle Mining Clicker Games to Play in 2023

Top Idle Mining Clicker Games to Play in 2023

In the world of gaming, idle mining games have shaped their unique ways to offer players an engaging experience in the concept of the mining business.

These mining games have become more and more popular and captivate the attention of both casual and dedicated gamers who enjoy building a mineral mining business from scratch.

To find out why these games are so addictive, let’s delve into this subgenre and have insightful comparisons of the top to play idle mining games.

What Are Idle/Clicker Mining Games?

To begin with, we should understand the definition and primary features of incremental clicker games. Simply put, they are any games that allow players to progress throughout the game with minimal effort.

Players often do simple actions such as clicking or tapping on the screen to achieve incremental progress and various features.

Cookie Clicker's Gameplay
Cookie Clicker’s gameplay involves around clicking a cookie

Similarly, mining aidle games take this concept in the context of the mining business.

Here, players act as idle miners or mining tycoons to experience running their mining operations. This varies, from digging deeper into the Earth to collecting resources and expanding their ventures.

What sets idle mining games apart are their unique features. Unlike other genres that require players’s attention constantly, these games focus on automation and idle game progression.

Players can witness their mining business progress over time even when they are not actively playing. This, as a result, makes this relaxing game the top choice for those seeking simple yet addictive gameplay.

Key features common to idle mining games include resource management and incremental progress. For easy understanding, players should use resources wisely to upgrade mining equipment to dig deeper and gain more valuable property.

As players progress further, they receive rewards for each milestone and see their mining empire grow over time.

Criteria for Game Selection and Comparison

When choosing a game to play, we often evaluate various criteria to ensure that our selection is the best.

These criteria often include:

1. Gameplay Quality

This is all about how much fun the game is to play.

A game with good quality provides interesting features, gives players continuous challenges, and combines with interesting storylines or narratives.

2. Graphics

This is the visual look of the game. Because we interact directly with the game’s interface, the game has clear and detailed graphics that are much better.

They are more pleasing to the eyes and make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

3. User Reviews

We also need to look at what others say about the game.

By reading reviews from other players in the gaming community, we can figure out if it is easy to play or if there are any problems, then we can conclude that the game is worth trying or not.

4. Unique Features

If the game has something special compared to other titles, it is worth trying.

Games with unique features such as interesting stories or unique ways of playing offer a whole fresh experience to any player.

List of Top Idle Mining Games in 2023

As there are various game reviews and comparisons of different idle mining clicker games out there, let us help you choose the best ones.

Our recommendations include detailed insights into the game’s features so you can easily make decisions for an enjoyable gaming experience.

1. Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon is a popular mobile game that allows players to run their own mining business.

In this world of mining, you start from scratch with a new Coal Mine. Then, they gain cash, hire managers to automate the operation, upgrade the equipment, and gradually expand to a mining empire.

Idle Miner Tycoon Background with Game's Icon

The distinctive feature that sets the game apart is its diversity in continents and mines. From the beginning, players are introduced to a Coal Mine, where they operate their mining business to earn enough cash to open the next mine.

Once players finish all mines in one continent, they move to the next one. Currently, there are 5 mines in one continent and a total of 8 continents in the game.

The process of unlocking new levels step by step brings a sense of satisfaction. It encourages players to put in their effort to see their mining business grow gradually.

As Idle Miner Tycoon is all about strategically managing various aspects of the mining operation and conquering new adventures, it makes players feel like they are the actual mining tycoon by watching their business and profit increase day by day.

Furthermore, because the game gets updated regularly every 1-2 weeks. This keeps the features and gameplay fresh and provides ongoing engagement for players.

On the other hand, the game might be a drawback for players looking for entirely free-to-play options. It provides a lot of in-game purchases to earn cash quickly and accelerate progression.

2. Mr. Mine Idle

Mr. Mine is one of the most popular incremental clicker games in the mining genre. This game leads players to a whimsical world where every depth is full of treasures to be discovered.

The gameplay is simple! Players dig deeper into the ground, click to collect valuable resources, and then sell them to earn currency to upgrade equipment for more efficient digging.

A screenshot of Mr. Mine Idle

But this game is not just about mining resources. It also requires players to have clear strategy and planning in mind. And this sets it apart from other mining crafting games.

We can say that Mr. Mine is a blend of strategic resource management and continuous progression across 3 distinct worlds to explore: the Earth, the Moon, and Titan.

As players start small and dig deeper, they are about to immerse in the distinctive art style and vibrant animations. This makes every step a visually appealing and satisfying experience.

While this game is a fun option to play, it has its own pros and cons.

On the positive side, its simple mechanic makes it accessible to a wide array of players, whether casual players or hardcore gamers looking for a relaxing experience.

On the downside, some players might find mr mine repetitively boring as it is all about waiting to progress over time. This depends on players’s preferences as some of them may require more complex and intricate games.

3. Idle Mining Company: Idle Game

Idle Mining Company: Idle Game is an idle simulation mobile game that puts you into a mining world, where you can transform your small mining business into a huge empire, and then you can become a millionaire businessman.

Idle Mining Company Idle Game

The main objective of the game for players is to invest as much cash as possible in mining resources. By doing so, players can gradually develop the mining business and earn more money due to advanced equipment.

It’s like a simple loop: dig to earn gold and idle cash, invest in mining resources and purchase many mine shafts, continue digging, and repeat the process.

One special feature of the game is that players have the opportunity to hire managers to oversee their miners and ensure the continuous generation of gold and money even when they are not active in the work.

The game has the notable advantage of 30+ language support, so it can be accessible to players in various areas. Players from different backgrounds can immerse themselves in the fun of the game.

On the other hand, because the game offers various investments, beginners might need some time to graph all the smart investments involved in the game.

4. Deep Town: Mining Factory

Deep Town: Mining Factory is a fun mobile game that puts players into the depths of a mysterious and complex underground world.

In this game, players can dig deep into the crust to find resources for their factory production. Along with that, they also uncover the hidden story of Deep Town and discover story artifacts.

Deep Town Mining Factory's Screenshot

But what makes the game outstanding is its engaging storyline. It sets the background when the Earth is running out of important resources and players face the challenge of finding and collecting these resources to create necessary items for life.

Then, with each dig and discovery in their adventure, players become a part of a larger narrative and they can find their journey through Deep Town even more exciting.

So, we can say that the game is not just a normal mining adventure. It’s an unfolding story for players to investigate, reveal, and enjoy.

What’s more, Deep Town is outstanding for its graphics and interface. It uses dark tones, depicting the depth as well as the darkness and mystery underground. This makes players find the game even more mysterious and appealing to explore.

However, this relaxing game has some drawbacks as some players say that they have to encounter in-game ads in minutes. While they find the game interesting, being bombarded with ads makes it so annoying and can not continue playing.

5. Pick Crafter

Pick Crafter is an idle clicker game about digging deep into the biomes by using pickaxes.

In the Pick Crafter world, players take control of their pickaxe, embark on a mining adventure by tapping, discover all treasures, and then gradually upgrade the pickaxe and unlock all the biomes.

Pick Crafter's Screenshot

If you ask what makes this game so interesting to play. The answer relies on its wide range of pickaxes. While each comes with a different mining power and rarity, players can choose to craft, acquire, and upgrade their mining tools to suit their mining style and optimize their mining speed.

As players join the game, they are able to progressively mine through layers of blocks to discover valuable resources.

Also, this game stands out for its addictive gameplay that combines mining with clicker elements. Players simply click repeatedly to break through blocks and progress further over time.

However, compared to other games in the same genre, this game seems to lacking in complexity. As a result, some players might find it less challenging to conquer and pick other options to enjoy instead.

6. Grindcraft

Grindcraft takes players into the world of mining where they’re around grinding out items, harvesting crops, mining resources, and battling mobs.

This game is inspired by Minecraft, players are challenged to collect resources through continuous clicking to build items to help progress through the game. The more resources players gather, the more new items they can build.

Grindcraft's Gameplay

Grindcraft brings the experience of simple yet addictive to players, it’s like putting together a puzzle with the stuff they find. Also, players need to think strategically to find out how to allocate resources smartly for optimal progression.

That said, the game brings the advantage of encouraging players to have creative decision-making, which then adds depth to the player’s gaming experience.

However, we can not deny that some players might find the game a bit repetitive because they mainly click to gather resources.

Graphics and Sound Comparison

When it comes to graphics and sound, each game may have its own characteristics.

As for Idle Miner Tycoon, the graphics are clear and detailed. So, it boosts the player’s overall gaming experience when they move from one mine to another.

In Mr. Mine, simplicity is key, it keeps both straightforward graphics and enjoyable sound. Players can find it easy-to-understand gameplay and engaging visual experience.

Regarding Deep Town, we can say that developers work effectively to bring a sense of relaxation to players. The game is created with extremely vivid sound effects such as mining sounds, drilling sounds, and earth-breaking sounds.

Also, the graphics effectively use dark tones to describe the depth as well as the darkness in the mystery underground.

The remaining games include Idle Mining Company: Idle Game, Pick Crafter, and Grindcraft also have special looks, and colorful graphics, going along with soundtracks that match their themes.

As a result, players can find games even more appealing and stay for a long period.

User Experience and Accessibility

Since each game has its own features, ease of play, and user interface, the experience they bring to players is totally different.

Idle Miner Tycoon offers players an easy-to-play experience, it has an intuitive interface and user-friendly controls. So, this incremental clicker game is suitable for both casual and dedicated gamers as they can find it effortless to navigate throughout the game.

Idle Miner Tycoon is now available on various platforms, including iOS (version 4.4 and up) and Android (version 10.0 and up). You can easily find it on Google Play and App Store.

Similarly, Mr. Mine Idle brings a simple yet engaging interface. As it works based on the tapping mechanics, players can easily adapt to the game, dig deeper, and collect resources.

The game is currently accessible on mobile devices, supporting both iOS and Android gaming platforms. Also, it is accessible on PC through the Steam platform or you can play on the web through the official site or Coolmath Games website.

Idle Mining Company: Idle Game provides an interface that allows players to transform their small mining business into a vast empire. The control buttons in the game are intuitive and easy to navigate.

This game is available as an idle simulation mobile game on Google Play, App Store, and Amazon App.

Deep Town: Mining Factory immerses players in a narrative-driven mining adventure with an engaging user interface. It is now available on Google Play and App Store for both Android and iOS devices.

Pick Crafter combines the mining with clicker elements in an appealing way with a straightforward interface. It is accessible on mobile devices in the App Store and Google Play, or you can even find it on Steam.

GrindCraft focuses on the grind of collecting resources, and its interface supports a straightforward approach for players to craft items.

GrindCraft is accessible on various platforms, including Android through Google Play, or you can play on the web through Crazygame.

Community and Support

While playing individually can bring a lot of fun, the sense of satisfaction can also be widespread when sharing with like-minded people in the huge gaming community.

No matter you’re a new player or a dedicated player for years, joining forums, groups, or social media gives chances to connect, share experiences, and strategies, or even seek assistance.

That said, the gaming community for idle mining clicker games is dynamic and diverse, with various participation on platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Steam discussions.

Here, you can easily search and find related posts about the idle mining games you’re concerned about.

Also, the developers of games want you to experience their games to the fullest, so they offer responsive customer support to address queries, concerns, and technical issues promptly.

You can seek support through in-game support systems, help centers on the game official’s website, or find their FAQ sections for some common issues.

Monetization and In-App Purchases

As we’ve walked through the top of click to play mining games list, we should also show how each game handles monetization.

Actually, all 6 games work based on the free-to-play model to allow players to download and enjoy the game for free.

Mr. Mine with In-app Purchases: Tickets

So, to make money, these clicker games offer in-app purchases. They provide gamers with a range of resources, boosts, and enhancements to help players progress further and at a faster speed.

All in all, this approach creates a balance between accessibility and monetization. While games can attract players to engage in playing without upfront cost, they earn money through offering in-app purchases for people who need to accelerate progression.

Overall Recommendations

After exploring the diverse world of idle mining clicker games, maybe you’ve wondered which game title is suitable for your gaming style and preferences.

If you’re a casual player who just wants a straightforward game to relax, we would highly recommend Pick Crafter.

Another option is GrindCraft for those who like collecting resources and crafting. This game provides an engaging experience while focusing on grinding out items.

If you want to put strategic and resource management factors into the game, then you should try Mr. Mine Idle or Idle Mining Company: Idle Game.

For more engaging gameplay, try out Idle Miner Tycoon as it leads you through step-by-step progress and continent-spanning mining empires.

Lastly, immerse yourself in the appealing graphics and sound game world with Deep Town: Mining Factory, where players can enjoy unfolding narratives alongside mining adventures.


As idle mining clicker games offer a wide range of experiences, ranging from enjoyable to fantastic, you should give yourself a try to immerse in these gameplays.

From the moment you embark on your journey through these games, we encourage you to explore each title, discover their features, and share your experiences with other gamers.

As you share your insights and sentiments, you can contribute to the development of the gaming community as a whole.

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